Day 80. March 23, 2013-Pictures and more pictures

Today there were a few things going on like an egg hunt at Trijungle and getting some drawings finished for a project.  But my task for the day was to get pictures and slides ready to send off to scan.  A colleague of mine told me about Scancafe where you send your pictures and they scan and send back to you at a pretty decent price.  You have several options and if you buy a package it really is cheap.  Go to and check out this really cool company.

This is a big job as I am a picture freak and always have been.  I have tons of pictures and just as many slides.  I decided to buy a package so I need to figure out the number of pictures I will be sending.  I started with the pictures I had in boxes.  They were divided by places and labeled.  As I was counting I threw out pictures that were not that great.  I then put them into baggies and labeled them with the amount of pictures. That was going pretty good but then I started running into cute pictures and I started remembering things.  So then I was like ok, I’ll take a picture of this and text it or put it on Facebook.  It will only take a minute.  Well that ended up taking longer because people started texting back and then it turned into a conversation and well I am sure you can just imagine how my project came to a almost a complete stop.

Here are a few pictures that I found.


Me, Ana and Debbie in the keys


Lena and Autumn at 1st family reunion


Carlos (holding Michael), Lena, Gonzo, Cheryl and Autumn at 1st family reunion


John Michael and Tia Tota at 1st family renion


Ana Maria and Tia Tota at 1st family reunion


Tony and Autumn at 1st family reunion


Stacy, Mary, Mel and me at some high school party


I then moved on to my slides.  I have slides that were in sleeves and some that were in little boxes.  I imagine the ones in the sleeves were the ones I had in carousels.  Those would have been my best slides.  It has been so long since I have looked at these that I can not remember why I had some in boxes.  I even had boxes labeled duds.  I am completely mystified as why I would keep slides that I once deemed duds.  Not knowing for sure I had to check them.  This took awhile since I had to compare with the ones in the sleeves.  I ended up staring a stack of I am not sure what to do with these.  I guess I will determine that when I get a final count for my package.  CRAZY I know.

I did not finish this task today but I made really good progress.  I will finish up the slides and then send this pile off.  I will then deal with the photo albums.  They are not in my way at the moment.  I will send them off when they are.

What I learned today is that it is really fun to look at pictures and run into old memories. A perfect example is the picture of my girlfriends and me.  I would never had remembered that party had I not seen the picture.  Once I saw the picture I remember it.  I even remember the shoes I was wearing all though you can’t see them in this picture.  Another example is the picture with Ana (my sister) and Debbie (my cousin).  We had gotten in a text conversation after I sent her the picture and she said she had not remembered how much time we had spent together as kids.  I can not wait to get all of the pictures scanned.  I can then do slideshows and have them running on my computer.  It will be fun to run into old memories at random times.  I can’t wait to see what happens.

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