Day 81. March 24, 2013-Pictures and Basketball

Today I finished the organizing of the photos and slides.  After the count I decided I needed the 2000 picture package so I ordered it.  They will be sending the box and the mailing labels.  Once that was done I cleaned up a little and headed out to watch some basketball games.  Between the Heat and NCAA tournament there was plenty to watch.  I spent a relaxing afternoon with some random people.  The best was Barbara.  She was having dinner with family and friends.  She must have been around 70 years old.  She kept coming up to the bar where I was sitting to see what was happening with the Heat game.  She was not happy with how they were playing.  I told her I would come let her know when we started playing better so she could enjoy her dinner. After a few minutes we finally picked up the game and proceed to kick some but.  I went back and gave her the thumbs up and you could just see how happy she was.  She had some mighty fine spunk.  I imagine that will be me some day.

What I learned today is that it feels good to get the picture project finished.  That had been on my list for years.  I am very happy about that.

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