Day 83. March 27, 2013-Friends and more friends

Today was such a special day.  I had planned to go to Ft. Lauderdale to meet a friend from high school who was spending a week in town.  Last year we had our 30 year reunion and it turns out my old friends come to south florida all the time so we made a pact that we would get together when they came down.

The drive to Ft. Lauderdale can be brutal so I asked my friends Carly and Dave if I could stay with them.  I decided to head up early to avoid some of the traffic.  As I was arriving in Ft. Lauderdale Carley called and said I had to go to see Jo another friend that I haven’t seen in a million years.  She was house sitting so I went over.  That was such a nice surprise to see Jo.  As usual we sat down with a bottle of wine and caught up and planned another get together.  Carley then joined us and we hung out until it was time to meet John and Karen for dinner.  Carley dropped me off and I was going to take a cab back.

John, Karen and their kids (Kayden and Colin) were already there.  We went to Bimini Boatyard.  It is close to where they were staying and its on the water so you get a nice view.  It was so much fun.  I had never met Karen before so it was nice to meet her.  We talked about all sorts of stuff including my Dad’s book.  Karen was so interested in his story so I am sending her a copy of the book.  We then ended up talking about triathlons and marathons.  It’s crazy that so many people from my class participate in them.  So the plan is for them to come race one in Miami.

During dinner, well actually before we even sat own, Kayden wanted to go look for manatees.  She was needing to go.  Parents were like not yet lets sit down first.  So she wrote this note.


The note that worked

She and Colin went out to look but sadly there were no manatees around.

After dinner John and Karen ended up taking me back to Carley and Dave’s place.  I hadn’t been at their new place so we put the info into the Garmin.  Karen put street instead of avenue so we ended in the wrong place.  Luckily the correct place was just a few blocks away.  Before they left we had to take a picture for Facebook.  So Carley was nice to come out and take it.


Karen, Kayden, Colin, John and me

It was still pretty early so it was great to hang out with Carley and Dave.  A typical fun night with them as well.  There was a nice little surprise on the guest bed.  This dog cracked me up.


The dog.

What I learned today is it doesn’t matter how much times goes by true friends will act like they  just saw you yesterday. I also learned that meet ups by accident are the best.  Thank you friends.

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