Day 86. March 29, 2013-Wine bar

Today I woke up with a sore throat so I decided to stay home rest and tackle the shelves in my kitchen/dining area.  It was all cluttered and I wanted to set it up as a wine, cook books and some art area.  I wanted a clean clutter free space.

First I took everything out and cleaned the shelves.  Amazing how much stuff was in there.  I took all the books and moved them to the guest bedroom.  I had opened up some space in those shelves when I moved all my landscape architecture books into the office.  Then I started adding what I wanted in the shelves.  Gathered all my cooking and jam/preserve books and placed them on the shelves for easy access.  I then needed a rack for the wine.  I wanted to make one out of mailing tubes and fill up one of the cubby holes with the tubes.  It was something I once saw on the internet and thought it would be cool.  That actually is where I got the idea for this task.  Problem was the mailing tubes were expensive.  I figured I could get something for less already made.  So happens I found a crate made with recycled materials at the Container Store.  I only wanted one of the cubby holes for the wine so I could only get a 6 bottle one.  The mailing tubes would have held more.  Maybe I can find some less expensive tubes and do that later when Steve gets home.  Here are the before and after pictures.





What I learned today is that it is really easy to make something look nice.  You just have to take the first step.

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