Day 87. March 30, 2013-All unexpected

Today was supposed to be about me getting back on the horse and run in a race.  Then I was going to go home and clean my house and relax.  Well it did not really happen that way.

Got up at 3:50am to get ready for my race.  It was up in Ft. Lauderdale so I work up extra early.  Not really an issue since I wasn’t sleeping any way.  Headed up and got a great parking spot.  Got my race packet and went in to set up.  First time that I get the end of the rack on the side where you want to be.  Got all set up and was a happy camper.  I then started running into to team mates.  Here is a few pictures.


Karla (my nemesis) and me


Kristin–all excited for her first race with out team

Some  who have never raced so I tried to help them out.  First race is scary to say the least.  It was funny, we were supposed to meet our coach Andy Clark at 6:15 for a meeting and a warm up.  People were headed out in wetsuits and flip flops.  I was like a warm up is a run and you need running shoes.  They were like seriously?  They were like ok but it was fun.  We ran a nice little loop and were ready to go.  Off to the start.  As we were putting on wetsuits Karla, my nemesis,  asked who wanted anti fog for the goggles.  I have never used that before so I said ok she spayed my goggles and off we went.  It was just about our time to start and I put my goggles on and I thought hmm I can’t see.  Karla asked if I had rinsed them and I said no.  Oops you are supposed to but there was nothing I could do we were 10 second from starting.  I took off and immediately my eyes started burning.  I swam like a maniac so I could get done.  When I came out of the water and took the goggles off I felt it burn even more plus I couldn’t see.

In transition I was all over the place, i squirted water in my eyes, tried to get ready for the bike more water in the eyes and no relief.  I finally just went and on to top it all off my glasses were all fogged up.  Rode the entire way with one eye shut.  The the run was no better.  Again I tried to flush my eye no relief so I just ran.  When I finished I got my medal and proceeded to the food tent.  I was hurting so bad I could not deal with it so I went to the medics.  They flushed my eye and it felt better but still hurt.  The medics told me to keep flushing so I then  joined my team for the results and awards.  I could not read my stats so I asked Andy how I had done.


My stats

His response was like considering everything you did pretty good (with a big grin on his face).  First question.  What was my run pace.  Under 10 minutes–I was like alright.  I haven’t trained in a month so I was super excited.  I then went to see how I compared in my age group.  I missed the podium by 30 seconds.  Really, I would rather miss by 10 minutes.  30 seconds.  I was mad but happy.  I knew it was because of my eye.  I was happy with the fact that I kept going despite the eye and did well.  I also just felt like myself again.

We then waited for the awards, we had a lot of people on the podium.  While we waited Andy helped me keep flushing my eye.  It seemed ok.  But when I was about to get in the car to drive home I couldn’t handle the pain and could not open my eye.  I called Karla and hoped she was still at the park which she was.  Her and Kristen rode together so I told her Kristen had to drive me so they came to my rescue.  Kristin told me I should go to urgent care so I did and found out I had major chemical abrasion and  had  2 large cuts in my eye.  Well that would explain the pain.  Here is a picture of my eye.  And this is after 2 applications of medication and lots of ice.


This is what happens when chemicals get in your eyes.

After urgent care I picked up my prescription at South Miami Pharmacy.  I had always wanted to go in there and today I was like I am in pain.  I will pay extra.  It was awesome.  It was quick and they asked about my race.  They are all triathletes and in fact are raising money for St. Jude’s.  My new pharmacy.  I then went home put the ointment in my eye and almost died it hurt so much.  I put ice on my eye and proceeded to go to sleep.  When I woke up I was like I need a shower so I did that and then called my mom.  I needed some TLC.  She picked me up and we had dinner.  Love my Mom for these sort of things that she does even though we are adults.

What I learned today.  Seriously do not do anything new on race day.  I never had before.  Why today?  I also learned that I love race day.  I also learned that Andy regardless of his tough act likes that even though I had been out sick for a month really loved that I did well today.

One thought on “Day 87. March 30, 2013-All unexpected

  1. Ouch…your eye looks horrible !!! We use that stuff on our masks for diving and snorkeling, its great but you have to rinse and rinse very well….

    Bad day…for both of us. May have totalled the mini…:(

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