Day 90. April 2, 2013-Big day

So today marks 90 days into this blogging thing.  I promised myself that if I made it this long I would upgrade to a more flexible page.  I would like the graphics to be better and the layout as well. So tomorrow I will be shopping tomorrow for a new look.

So today was a very busy day and lots of task accomplished.  It feels good to get back on track.  It  has been a rough few weeks and it would be so easy just to give up on this journey.  But I refuse to do so because this about 365 days and not 30 so if I fall I need to get up and proceed.

I did get a bunch of stuff done today like getting finger printed so I can go to any Dade County school and inspect if I need to, pick up a new prescription for my eye, take Charlie for a check up (which ended up being bad news but how do you say enough is enough to a really cute vet who preempts everything with I know you don’t want any more medication but charlie is happy and at home and with you.  Seriously he needs a 2 x 4 across his head.), laundry, house cleaning etc.   But my big task today was to finally pack up all my pictures that will get sent off to Scancafe,  I got the box and supplies a few days ago so today was about packing and making sure I had enough pictures.  I ended up cleaning out an additional 7 photo albums.  That is so awesome.  More shelve space.  It took longer than expected.  In some of the albums the pictures really got stuck so it was time consuming and I even ripped some photos.  Which kind of sucks because they were some of the older ones.  Never the less, job is done.  Here are a few of my favorite photos that I ran into today.  And I had to restrain myself from spending anytime with the photos.


So here are the progress photos.


Before all seperated


All packed


Labeled and ready to go

What I learned today is that it is really fun to go back and look at pictures and remember.  I am really glad that I took so many pictures even though I probably really couldn’t afford it.  I can’t wait to get them back and share them with the people who are in them.  There were a lot of fun times, some horrible hair and even worse fashion choices.  Happy remenising.

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