Day 91. March 3, 2013-The neighbors

So I am sitting at home cleaning up and getting ready to sit down to finish organizing my taxes when I get a text.  Hi neighbor, do you want a beer.  I was like sure I can come by for one.  My neighbor that moved to North Carolina is back for spring break and I wanted to say hi.  So when I got there other neighbors were there as well.   When I said I really had to go and get my taxes done Deidra resoponded with “they will be there tomorrow”.  Couldn’t argue with that.  So one beer turned into wine and then dinner.  It was a super fun evening.

What I learned today is that anything will come before taxes.  I do not know why I procrastanante so much when it comes to taxes.  Maybe is that its time consuming to go and review bank statements and receipts and gather everything.  I am almost done.  Monday–drop dead deadline.

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