Day 92 and 93. April 4 and 5, 2013-Last push for St. Jude’s

I hate when I can not blog on the the day that I did what I did but sometimes you just need to go to sleep.

The last few months I have been team captain for Alien Endurance/Trijungle team to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  I have written about the different fundraising events.  On Sunday, April 7th we will be racing and it will be the end of this fundraising event.  As team captain I not only had to raise money but I had to motivate everyone on the team to do that as well.  We have been plugging along nicely and we are approaching the end.  Actually 16 days out our team met our initial goal of $25,000.  So as any good fundraiser I upped the ante and raised it to $30,00.00.  My team is so great that we met our new goal with 3 days left.  They have not stopped.  Not sure where we will end up but at least $32,000.00.  That is an additional $7,000.00 from the original goal.  I can not be more proud of what my team has done.

So back to me.  Today we had our last bake sale at our office.  Barbie and Aida have helped make stuff at each sale.  This was 3 of 3.  I was up late last night baking so no blogging.  It is so funny, the people in the building are like why is this the last bake sale.  I explained about the race on Sunday (but I was like really–do you know how hard this is?).  Anyway the people in my building love these bake sales and we raised some good money today.    We could do better if the engineers (cleaning people) would not take down our signs.  It was funny today.  The guys who rip down my signs actually came by and bought something.  They kept seeing people with the baked goods and had to have some.  I should have charged them double.

So today I was between the bake sale, the pennies for a cause and team members either reaching goals or making sure people were RSVP’d to the pasta dinner on Saturday.  I was so busy I did not realize that I only needed $60.00 to reach $5,000.00.  As soon I realized I asked for help and in like 5 minutes I met that goal and surpassed it.

What I learned today is that I love doing this.  Raising money.   Carolina, one of my team mates wrote this on my Facebook page.  ” Espe! Have you ever considered working in Philanthropy?!?!? You are truly amazing in motivating people and fundraising!”   That is probably one of the best compliments that I have ever received in my entire life.  It’s really funny because last week I did look at the St. Jude’s website to see if they had any jobs doing just that.  There was a position but I have none of the qualifications listed.  I mean I am a landscape architect and they are looking for marketing sort of related experience.  I will have to say I was excited for a few moments when I saw there was a possibility.

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