Day 94. April 6, 2013-Pre race brick and St. Jude Children’s Hospital pasta party

I am a bit behind in my blogging but this past weekend was insane and I was not able to write.

So Day 94 was about getting ready for Nautica South Beach triathlon. The day before a race we always do a pre-race brick which is basically a mini triathlon to loosen up the muscles.  It is a very short workout but we get to practice transition and we get to figure out what is missing.  It is a good thing to do before a race.  So Saturday started with that.  As usual we do a group picture.


Alien Endurance taking over (this the crazy pose we do for Carolina and it was enhanced to make the coolest picture)

This week there was an added bonus.  Some of my team mates were doing Swim Miami.  It is a swimming event and they were swimming a 5k.  I wanted to support them so after the workout I went home packed up for the race and my hotel stay at the beach and took off to see them swim.  I got there and Luis, Hans and Kristin was finished. They were waiting for karla. She mentioned that there was no water or food for them.  I was like that sucks.  I told her I have stuff in my car since I packed for my hotel stay.  Ran back to the car and got a bunch of water and some of the left overs from my bake sale.  By the time I got back Karla  was done.  I was bummed because I wanted to see Karla, my nemesis,  come out of the water.  But I missed it.  They were happy to get the water and they devoured the food so I was happy to have been able to give them that.  They all did really good and they were happy but hungry.  We agreed to meet somewhere on the beach since we all needed to pick up our race packages.


The sharks after the 5k. Luis, Kristin, Karla and Hans

I left and proceeded to go check in to my hotel room.  I got a free room since I raised more than $2500.00.  It is one of the amazing perks you get for fundraising for St. Jude Children’s hospital.  My room wasn’t ready so I headed towards the race expo.  The swim guys ended up eating at a place that was too far to walk so I ended up just walking around until I ran into Mayra, another team mate.  So we had lunch together since package pick up wasn’t open yet.  We sat outside and ran into so many people it was perfect.  After I ate I went to the race expo to hang up signs for our team.  Since our team raised so much money we were given a tent.  I told Andy our coach and Magui from Trijungle that I would hang the signs up since I would be there anyway.   First I forgot the ties at the hotel so I went to the St. Jude tent to see if they could help.  Maria gave me these really long plastic ties.  It was perfect.  So when I got to the tent I was like ok I am short and the tent is really tall.  It was pretty funny to say the least. I walked around until I figured it out.  I was making progress when I saw Karla.  She came to help me.  That was even funnier because she is shorter than me.  We just laughed and did the best we could.


The signs. This picture does not tell the story but it looks good.

We then proceeded to package pick up.  We did that and then had to get in a line to get me on the relay team since my eye was still hurting.  We did that then headed over to the St. Jude tent to get our goodies.


Some of my goodies. The rest will get mailed.

Now it was time to chill out and relax before the pasta party.  So off to the room we went.  Karla was going to stay with me.  We went back to the room.  She ordered room service and I had to finish our T-shirts.  I always make funny  shirts for the relays.  Karla had come up with the name of Andy’s Angels (or Devils).  Silvana, 3rd team member, and I said Devils and that was it.  I went on line and got the best images and made our t-shirt logos.  I did not have time to actually iron them on so I did that while Karla ate.  OMG the shirts came out great.


Devil T-shirts

We decided that we would surprise Andy the next morning.  I wanted to send him the picture but I didn’t.

I  relaxed for a bit then got ready for the pasta party.  This was going to be great because we were going to see some of the kids that we were helping.  It was a great turn out and it was very inspirational.  One of the kids got up and spoke.  It was hard not to cry.  She was so cute.  Then they started out handing out awards for the fundraising.  I didn’t know they were doing that but I was confident that Alien Endurance/Trijubgle was in 3rd place and figured we would get something.  They started out with the individual awards and to my complete surprise they called my name for 4th overall fundraiser.  I was shocked.  It was so cool.


Me accepting my award. Highlight of the day.

Then they did the teams and we were in 3rd place.  I am so proud of my team.  For us to get 3rd place is amazing.  We are a group of individuals and we are competing with corporations who match the teams fundraising.  We do not get any matching so I think people were blown away by what we did.  I know I was.  As team captain I was super excited.  I was glad that a lot of the team was there to celebrate the team award.  I am thankful that they came.  Here are some of them.


One of the 3 tables that Alien Endurance took over

I wish Andy the coach and Magui the store owner and  a bunch of other team members had been there.  They missed a really wonderful thing.  This is what this race was all about.

What I learned today.  Look at that picture.  These guys are awesome.  The other tables which I did not photograph are just as awesome.  These are the people who got our team to 3rd place.  They did this race for the kids.  They are my heroes.

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