Day 95. April 7, 2013-Race day

So today (which was Sunday) is race day.  Normally I am freaking out and need to be there at the crack of dawn but today I was in a relay team and I was staying 3 blocks from the race.  Karla stayed with me and Silvana was meeting us. We took her bike so she could have a few extra minutes in the morning as well.  It was perfect.  We met just outside the transition and went in to set up.  Got that done and then we put on our shirts so we could surprise Andy.  We were meeting at 6:25 for a group picture.  Here we are when Andy saw us,


Andy’s Devils

I think we took Andy by surprise.  He sort of looked at us and took some pictures before he realized what the shirts said.  Then he grinned.  That is when we knew he got it.  Of course he immediately told us we can not wear them for the group photo.   We were laughing and told him we wouldn’t.


Facebook Karla devil–she is always up to no good.


Speed Devil Silvana because she drives like a crazy woman and you need to hold on.


Drinking Devil Espe because I like to drink

So we headed up to the bleachers where we took some photos before moving over so we could have the transition in the background.  We then had to do a crazy picture for Carolina, the Alien Endurance picture taker.  Because of her we have some good shots.


Group picture


Alien Endurance crazy picture for Carolina

Our team has grown immensely since we started 3 years ago and today it was obvious.  There was a huge group.  After the pictures it was time to head to the starting line.  Of course on the way we needed more pictures because we didn’t seem to have enough.


Group on the beach waiting for the mandatory meeting


We had to take a picture with Andy, I mean we are his devils

So after the meeting and the national anthem the swimmers took off.  Silvana and I headed back to transition to wait our turn.  Transition is really fun and we were in a good spot.  We could see everyone as they came in from the swim and then the bike.  We were able to cheer on our team mates and also some of the pro triathletes.  I got to see Matty Reed twice.  As he came in from the bike, unfortunately he had  a flat tire so he was just waltzing in.  Then I got to see him on the run.  This is the first race that I was able to see the pro athletes and it was really nice.  Normally they are long gone before I get back from the bike.

So Silvana and I waited for Karla.  We finally saw her and with a quick change of the timing chip strap Silvana was off.  She came back really fast then it was my turn for the run.  I took off so fast.  First mile I ran in 9:30.  I was like oh boy I better slow down which I did.  I saw some Aliens already heading back from the halfway mark.  These races where you have to turn around and head back are good because you get to see your team mates.  So now it was my turn to head back.  I am a lazy athlete and wanted to walk but I kept running in to Aliens so I had to keep running.  I finished the race strong but I felt it.  Silvan and Karla met me on the other side and we did the usually hugs and hi fives.  Silvana wanted to check the times so once she got lost in the crowd Karla and I went to get our bags and we then headed to the brunch tent.


We are ready for some food. On the way to the tent.

Karla had to leave early but wanted to eat.  As we were sitting there Silvana texted us that we had placed second in the women’s relay race.  I wasn’t expecting that at all but when we finally analyzed the stats we all raced really fast.  First place went to some very young girls (18-20) so we were super happy with our results.


On the podium

There were a few others that made it to the podium, Carson, Edith and Alessandra.  It is always fun to watch the Aliens podium.


The medals–Nice bling

Then when we were all done we headed to Frankie’s for an after party.  I stopped off at the hotel on the way to shower, I told Kristin to come with me so she could shower as well.  We also decided to hang out on the balcony and enjoy the view and a beer.  It was a very nice way to spend the afternoon.  Bring on the next race.

What I learned today is that I can really run a lot faster than I do.  The push my team gave me today was awesome.  So thank you to all the aliens that were yelling at me to run faster.

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