Day 97. April 9, 2013-Big drive

Today was brutal.  I had to drive to Brighton for a site visit and a meeting.  This place is 2.5 hour drive.   I got to the meeting and quickly realized the contractor had not gotten anything prepared for my site visit.  Oh man I was so mad.  I could have done the meeting on conference call.  First there is not a whole lot of money for construction administration.  Second the drive sucks.  So basically that trip was a waste of time and I will not make any money from it.  On top of all that on the way back I was so tired it was not safe.  I was doing the head bobbing.  I wanted to pull over and just rest my eyes.  Not possible.  There was no shoulder to pull over on.  I was scared.  But I finally made it home.

I took a little rest, headed over to the chiropractor then to Sports Grill for a fundraiser for Miami Children’s Theatre (MCT).  IT was organized by a good friend who is totally involved with MCT.  Now that my event is over I can concentrate on other things, so I was happy to go.  It was fun but man I was tired and I wanted to sleep.

What I learned today is that some of Florida roads are really not safe.  The completely straight and flat roads will put you to sleep and kill you.  I do not want to do that drive alone anymore.

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