Day 101. April 13, 2013-Trying to nap

Today I was hoping to get a nap in.  The run in the morning wiped me out.  It was my first big workout for awhile.  After the run I went to a half ironman info meeting at Trijungle.  That pretty much ate up my entire morning.  When I got home I was going to take a nap but started picking stuff up and organizing things.  I also finally finished getting my tax stuff together.  I think I will be filing for an extension which I hate doing but at least is ready now.  I just have to drop off to my accountant.

Once I got that done I just kept going, found my kitchen table that was full of mail and miscellaneous stuff from the busy week.  I also pretty much finished my laundry.  I then proceeded to cook dinner and take the dogs for a one beer walk.  Their favorite.  They go nuts when they see me pull out the beer huggie, open fridge and pop the beer.  I then sat down in front of the TV to just chill out.  It was too late at this point to take a nap.

What I learned today is that its ok to sit down and do nothing every once in awhile.  I am not one for sitting still so its hard to do but today I needed it and it was great.  Just me and my dogs.

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