Day 102. April 14, 2013-Farmers market and a few other things

So Today I was completely set on getting to the farmers market at Pinecrest Gardens.  Its a great market and I always say I am going to go but never do.  So I got up got on my bike and went.  I got a few things and headed back home.

I then called my Mom to see if she wanted to come over for dinner.  At first she was no, I am not hungry.  I laughed since it was only 12pm.  She finally said yes.  I then texted my nemesis Karla to see what she was up to.  We haven’t hung out in so long.  After a lot of back and forth we agreed on having lunch at her place (she bribed me with the yucca frita that she makes) so I headed over.  It was short and sweet but nice.

I then headed home and took that nap I missed on Saturday.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

My Mom came over around seven and we watched the end of the Masters while dinner was cooking.  Its always so much fun when my Mom comes over.  Tonight she told me all about my cousin’s son’s wedding and all the family gossip.  Never a dull moment in our clan.

What I learned today is that as great as the farmers market was it is a pain with a bike.  Must bring a lock next time so I can walk around and get into all the booths.  Can’t wait for my next visit to the market.

One thought on “Day 102. April 14, 2013-Farmers market and a few other things

  1. Lets do a trip to market after the Sunday ride! We can try all samples and them those poor vendors won’t have anything to sell after these group of bikers hit them every Sunday!!! Lol

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