Day 109. April 21, 2013-Preparing for Steve coming home

Today was about doing stuff for Steve who will be home on Wednesday.  He has been gone since the middle of December.  I know everyone thinks its a long time and it is but it is not any different than any other year he has been on this boat.  For some reason everyone thinks its longer.  But it is not.  This will be the first time home since I started my “achieve something everyday and blog about it” so I suppose it is a big deal.  He will not recognize our home.

So today I wanted to get things ready for him.  I started by going to the store and buying beer and his favorite yogurts.  Then I proceeded with his list.  He gets one every year. It has become a joke if you will.  There is a long story that goes with the joke but that is between us.  Sorry.  But what I can say is that after many conversations we agreed that it is best to tackle the list in the first 2 weeks of him being home.  Then he is free to enjoy  being at home.  The funny thing is that there is one thing that stays on the list.  It never gets done.  So its on the list again.  Here is the picture I posted on Facebook with the caption of “getting ready for Steve’s home coming”.  People have loved it.

Steve's List

The list

PS.  I have added extra since I took the picture.  It’s an on going list.

Joking aside I really want to have our home ready so Steve can be with our dog Charlie.  When he left she was fine but as you know she is not.  I know deep down he has been suffering about this.  He loves dogs and getting dogs was a Christmas present from me to him because I never wanted dogs.  I will say I have totally enjoyed having them but he is way more attached than me.  So having our home ready was important.

What I learned today is that I think I should have planned a trip so Steve can be alone with the dogs.  I do not think I want to see Steve and Charlie together when he gets home.  The way she has been acting lately tells me she is looking for him and waiting until he gets home.  She is so cute that way.  That is why Charlie is so special.

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