Day 112. April 24, 2013-Charlie

So today was a very sad day.  It was the day that we lost Charlie.  As you know we knew this day was coming but in the last couple of days I knew she was waiting for Steve.  So this morning when I woke up I knew.  I took her to the vet because she was struggling to breath.  I was hoping they could give her a shot of Lasik and keep her comfortable long enough for Steve to get here.  They called and said she was a little better but not much so as soon as Steve got home we headed over.  I decided to take Mo and I am glad I did because we had to put her down right then and there.  I have never had to do this before so it was weird.  Steve was crying, the vet was crying and so was everyone else.  They loved Charlie just like everyone who met her.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Charlie.  I want to share some of the funniest things that she has done starting with the day we got her.  That day there were 4 puppies available.  I could not decide and was there for several hours playing with them,  Then all of a sudden Charlie jumps on the shelves where there was a cup of coffee and drank from it.  At that moment I knew that was my dog.  A freaking rebel.

Mo hated her on the way home but then when we got home she got in his bed and after just a few moments thought oh well I might as well like her and they became best buds.  So much so that when she escaped the first time he was waiting at the door with the leash in his mouth.  I thought he wanted a walk.  Nope he wanted to look for her.  Here are some of the other things she did that freaking made me laugh:

  • I got home one day went to the patio and found most of my underwear in the patio.
  • She once escaped from my house broke into the neighbor’s house and snuck into bed with the Italian consulate. (she jumped from the 2nd story)
  • She used to escape and head to a mental halfway house.  She was there so often that they deemed it ok for her to visit even though there was a no dog rule.
  • One day she fell into our soon to be pool.  She was running around in the yard and kept running and must have thought the water was like everything else.  When she hit the water she swam to the side and grabbed on like Garfield would have.  It was priceless.   That was the last time she went anywhere near water.
  • She would sit in this tree stump and start howling.  Took us a while but we figured out it was the hot air balloons coming.  She heard them 30 minutes before they showed up.  It was so cute her being on the tree stump.
  • She drove the chickens across the street crazy.
  • The little boy from across the street old me once that he found Charlie and brought her home.
  • I called her the escape artist.  She always got out

Really Charlie was a very social dog.  Everyone that met her loved her immediately.  Including my Mom who once told me that I could stay at her house but my dogs needed to stay outside.  I was like cool they are outside dogs.  Second week there I went out of town.  When I got back I found them sleeping in my moms bed.  Yep.  That was Charlie.

I cannot explain Charlie.  She was a very special dog.  Those who met Charlie know what I am saying.  Those who haven’t sorry you cannot know.   But these pictures do tell show her personality.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

RIP my little Charlie.  I will miss your face,  It did always tell a story.

5 thoughts on “Day 112. April 24, 2013-Charlie

  1. Hey Espe and Steve – so sad to hear about Charlie, she was a beautiful dog. We all loved giving her pats! Lots of love, the Tannum Kellys.

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