Day 113 and 114. April 25 and 26, 2013-The endless project

I have this project that I have been working on for almost 2 years.  I am on Revision 15.  It is one of the most frustrating projects I have ever worked on.  The construction of this building is moving so fast that no one is keeping up with decisions therefore the drawings.  No one pays attention to your questions or requests until it becomes an emergency.   On top of that the owners change their minds every five minutes.  Every time I get a new revision and they say it is  “a small change” I find many other changes that were never discussed with me and they are never small.  Another one of my favorite things about this project is getting emails and text messages from Kevin at 1:30am.  I don’t think the Kevin, owner’s representative gets any sleep.  Besides all that it is also one of the funnest ones.  The people are nice and because everything is so insanely intense there are some very funny things that come out of people’s mouths.  My all time favorite “Let’s just try it you know for shits and giggles”.  The other good thing is that really money is no object so we are getting to use out of the ordinary  materials like granite pavers.  This is what is fun for me.  I also get to specify and size plant material which is totally out of the ordinary since every project has a budget.

So the last two days have been about actually finishing.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  At some point during these two days I sent an email to Kevin describing my frustration.  I got a response saying “do not get frustrated now we are almost finished”.  I laughed so hard and wrote back ” I am past frustration I had a dream the other night that we were all swimming in a lake and that you were wearing a suit.  Last night at around 9:30pm Kevin calls me to see what I was doing.  I told him I was out drinking and that he shouldn’t be calling on a Friday night.  He wanted to see if I could change some plant material.  I told him we can change it but lets not do it on the drawings lets just do it when the planting starts.  We don’t need to make a full revision for that.  I think I was yelling because he was like ok ok ok.  He then wanted to know if he had been wearing a swimsuit.  No it was a full suit with coat and tie I told him.  He cracked up.  I was a bit tipsy so before we hung up I told him that he needed to pay my company so I could get paid.  I also said when this is over he is taking me out for a drink.  He agreed to cut a check on Monday and follow up with a drink.  Then he thanked me for all of my hard work.  It was at this moment I realized I really am almost finished.  That was the first time he acknowledged how hard I have been working on this project.

What I learned today is that it does not take much to make me feel good.  That thank you made the last 2 years on this project ok.

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