Day 123. May 5, 2013-It is a long story

I know I haven’t blogged in 5 days.  I keep trying but it is hard with Steve at home.  I need to figure this out because it is getting in the way.

So I am not going to try and catch up.  Today was all about Karla’s birthday.  Karla, my nemesis, was having a party.  The theme changed like 25 times.  So it ended up as a BBQ at her house.  Basically it was a 4 hour eating frenzy.  So much so that I missed out on the veggies.  Those sitting at the counter devoured them. Regardless it was a fun day.


Veggies ready for the grill


Fruit salad sangria


PINK PINK PINK for Karla–she says she hates pink but everything she loves is pink

This weekend was also about getting back on a consistent training schedule which I did.  On Saturday we rode 20 miles in total headwind.  The damn wind shifted on our way back.  great workout.  On Sunday before the party it was all about the run.


Pre run dinner


All bottles used this weekend. Good sign of a training weekend.

What I learned this weekend is that I much prefer waking up a lttle later and enjoying the nike ride than getting up earlier and dreading it.  I need to convince others of the same.

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