Day 125. May 7, 2013–Oh my I will never finish

Today after being out in the field all day I got home to attack the closet project.  Steve has been on me to finish.  He thinks these things happen in a flash.   I started with the Space Bags.  We have a lot of blankets and comforters that take up so much space.  I use them when I have a lot of family staying so I cant get rid of them but I need them to take less space.  So I put them in one of the bags and damn it really did shrink.  So I went on to coats then sweaters.  I kept going with putting stuff in drawers and then re arranging the closets.  I started this because Steve wanted to have his stuff in our room closet.  Our closet is small but I was like ok what the hell. I worked solid for 4 hours but holly cow I have a ways to go.  I am very particular about this so next it will mean changing the hangers and sorting by color.  Then moving stuff we don’t use too much to the guest bedroom closet.  There is also all the stuff I can’t reach.  I need a 3 step ladder.  I have asked for one for awhile but for some reason I do not have one.  When I get that I can hit the top shelevs.  I can’t wait to finish.

What I learned today is that The Space Bags really do work.  I also learned that Steve does not need anymore shirts.  I would say he has 5 black or blue stripped shirts.  It is almost hard to tell them apart.  He also has a bunch of other shirts that look similar.  Crazy for someone who lives in his uniform. I also have a lot of race shirts so I can not complain.  But I am trying to let go of some of these shirts.  Seriously I do not wear them why keep them.

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