Day 130. May 12, 2013-Mother’s Day

Today was all about my Mom.  This year for Mother’s Day we decided to do something different.  So we got a motel room on Hollywood Beach so we could have a place to rest if my Mom needed to get out of the sun.  The place was perfect and right on the beach.  Steve, Jennifer and I got there first.  We walked around looking for the front door.  What we found was the back door with a speaker phone so we called it.  They told us to come back in 30 minutes but to go into the t-shirt shop.  So we decided to walk down the boardwalk and check out the beach.  It was great there were all sorts of restaurants and bars and ice cream shops.  We headed back to the t-shirt shop to check in.  La Terraza is run by 2 brothers.  I think they also own the t-shirt shop.  It was very casual no need to give credit card since I had purchased the night through  We took the food to the room and headed for the beach.

Steve wanted to go try the turkish restaurant that we saw so we went and shared a doner kabob.  OMG it was so good.  The owner came by to ask us how we were enjoying our food.  He explained that he makes his own kabob meat with spices.  You could tell.  It was delicious.  By the time we got back to where everyone was sitting my Mom wanted to go have a drink so off we went with Elena and my Mom.  The entire time we were walking my mom kept saying that Hollywood BEach reminded her of Miami Beach way back when she used to visit from Cuba.  Its funny because I had told Steve and Jennifer the same thing.  That is what I remember about Miami Beach as a kid. After a drink Steve and I went back and went for a swim.  Water was perfect.  My Mom and Elena stayed for another drink.  It was so funny since my Mom wanted to do something that did not include alcohol.

beach group

By then it was time for lunch.  Up to the room for sandwiches and fruit.

lunch brak

My Mom was like this the best meal you have ever made.  Better than the fillet minion and fettucini alfredo.  I was a bit insulted since the last time I made that for my mom I made the pasta from scratch.  It was great.  She really was having a great day.

What I learned today is that my Mom loves the beach and we need to do this more often.  I also learned that we have some really cool places so close to home that we do not take advantage of.  In addition, it is so much easier to get to Hollywood Beach than Miami Beach.  I can’t wait for the next trip.  It will be easier  since we know there are plenty of places to eat so we do not need to drag a cooler with us.

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