Day 131-137. May 13-19, 2013-A whole lot of little stuff

The last few days I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  So I really have not accomplished anything major but have made progress on all the little things.

What I am finding is that each day as I get more little jobs here and there I have less time to get things done.  So something that would have normally taken one day is taking longer.  I have also gone against my rule of not starting a job until the previous one is finished.  So now I have like 3 things happening and none are finished.  I also have Steve’s jobs going on too.  One of the jobs was to synchronize the fan/light in the office.  So easy right.  Nope.  Two trips to Farrey’s and we found out we had to order a new part and that would take 2 weeks so the fan is sitting on my dining table.  So that is a little frustrating.

Some of my highlights were getting all my training in this past week, making it to the farmer’s market on Sunday and cooking breakfast on Sunday instead of going out.  The cooking breakfast is huge as I used to do it all the time and then I got out of the habit.

What I have learned this past week is that I get more accomplished when Steve is not home.  You would think I could get the things done quicker.  You know divide and conquer.  That does not work in this house.  Let’s see how next week goes.

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