Day 138. May 20, 2013-Collecting money

So today Monday of all days was all about picking up a check from a client who is super demanding but does not pay on a timely manner.  I have been after these people for weeks.  Two weeks ago they said check is cut and it just needs to be signed.  I kept asking and they wouldn’t reply so I got well not so nice.   I went for the guilt trip.  It worked.  On Friday they said the check was ready.  I told them not to mail it that I would pick it up.  Later I got an email saying that the check could not be released until the contract was signed.  Mind you there is contract in place but for some reason the client had decided that they were drawing up new contracts (I am thinking new lawyers got involved).  I didn’t think our check needed to be held up because they decided to make a new contract.   So I sent and email that read like this.

To Client

This is ridiculous.  We have been working on this project for over 1 year and now you are going to hold a check because of a new contract.   Aida is out of the country and won’t be back until next week.  

We have done the work and never withheld the drawings.  Even when I was told to, I never did.
Email the contract to Aida.  She can sign, scan and email back.
I am so disappointed.
From Client
Espe, come pick up the check Monday. The contract can be reviewed and signed subsequently.
From Client ( a few seconds later)
Relax Espe. When I saw this I went and sorted it. Go enjoy the weekend and come get your check on Monday.
From me
Thank You
From Me (after 2nd email came in)
Got a glass of wine plate of food and feet up.  
From Client
No, thank you for your help. I went over everything with PM today and he’ll send you all the info monday.
From Client
Now as you can see the person I deal with can be quite nice so its infuriating at times because I just want to shake these people and yell at them but I can’t.
So this morning I spent 2 hours going to get the check but at least we got it.
What I learned today is that people take take take and I unfortunately give give give.  Lately, I feel like it is happening all around me.  It is like I have a sign on my forehead “come take everything I have worked all my life for”.  I know I am too generous most of the time but my nature is to be like that.  I do not know exactly where I got that trait from but I am thinking I may need to be a little selfish right now.  How can I learn that?  Please tell me.

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