Day 139. May 21, 2013-Gift for Miami’s Children’s Theatre

Today was about getting a gift basket for an auction that Miami’s Children’s Theatre (MCT) is having this upcoming weekend at their gala for the opening night of Legally Blond.  Of course I didn’t know it was this weekend and made plans to go out of town.  So I will miss the gala but had promised something from Trijungle.  So off I went and got a gift card,  a running shirt, speed laces a water bottle and some honey stinger waffles and made a little basket.  Came out really good but I forgot to take a picture so I can’t post it.

So my friend Aida is really involved with MCT.  Her kids used act in the plays and I would go to see them.  Now that the kids are not in the plays anymore I really don’t go even though Aida keeps asking me.  I’m not really into theatre but I do want to support her so when she told me about Legally Blond I said I’m in.

The shows are really amazing.  The talent we have in Miami is like no other and I’ll have to say the costumes always come together like in a professional show.  Every once in a while I have helped Aida with the costumes and Steve even helped with one of the sets.  So we have seen the behind the scenes and it is really impressive considering it is a non for profit organization.

I have been to a few like Beauty in the Beast, The Producers and the last one I went to was Charlie Brown.  Really once I get to the shows I really enjoy them it is just getting there.  Aida even bribes me with wine.  It works.  LOL.  So I can’t wait for Legally Blond.

legally blond


What I learned today is that I should probably start using my calendar again.  Since I haven’t been working consistently I do not put my appointments or events on my calendar.  It kind of makes for a lot of oh crap I forgot and rearranging things.   But in my defense who would have thought that a gala would occur on Memorial Day weekend.

I highly recommend getting to a show especially if you have kids.  Follow the link: to see what is coming soon.

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