Day 149. May 31, 2013-get race ready

Today was all about getting to Palm Beach and get ready for my race tomorrow. I started with my pre race brick. It was super humid and I really did not feel well. Took forever to stop sweating. Then off to a site visit then home to pack up and go.

I managed to get everything organized and loaded into the car before the earth dropped a million gallons of water. We then dropped Mo off at my Moms and took off.

On the way I decided I better get some plastic to cover my bike. Good thing cause its still raining. So we arrived and found a great parking space and it had time on it. SCORE.

It was drizzling so I quickly got my packet and set up my bike. I got a good spot since I was early.


We then checked in the hotel. It’s an old building that was converted. Very nice spot. They have a nice Italian restaurant where we had an early dinner. No wine tonight so we were done pretty quick.

Now just chilling.

What I learned today is that racing in June in South Florida means rain. I must remember that next year.


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