Day 150-155. June 1-6, 2013-Oh my so much done

Saturday was race day and what I did not know that morning was that finishing the race would be the task of the week.  It was raining all Friday night and I was super nervous because I do not like riding in the rain.  I did not sleep well at all.  Luckily it had stopped raining and I got up and went to set up transition.  The ground was really wet and so set up included covering everything in plastic.  I was prepared so it took no time to do.  I then found my team mates and we headed to the start line.  Motivation Man had a half iron distance and an Olympic distance.  The half iron swimmers took off and we had to wait 10 minutes so that they could move the buoys in for us.  As we were watching the swimmers we soon realized that the current was so strong and the swimmers were being pushed back to the dock.  It was horrible to watch.  One poor guy swam 30 minutes and never left the start line.  Race organizers kept changing the swim course and in the end told everyone to get out 3 docks down.  They finally announced that we had 2 choices.  Cancel the race or swim from one dock to another for a distance of about 200 meters.  We chose the short swim.  Of course this was about 1 hour after we were supposed to start so nutrition and water intake was all messed up but off we went.  I continued with my race and it was not easy.  I felt great on the bike but it was windy and I was working the legs more than I should have.  In addition the course, which I thought was going to be flat was in fact full of bridges.  Not huge ones but there were a lot of them.  My bike time was actually good for me but when I got to the run my legs said no way we are running.  In the transition I started cramping in the middle of my rib cage.  I had to lie down to get it to stop.  That messed me up because I forgot to drink some water before leaving for the run.  Once that gets messed up it just keeps going.  I tried to drink as much water as possible at the first water stop, which was not a good idea.  I kept going in what was the worst run of my life.  You can see how happy I am to have actually finished.  Seriously I felt so bad that I didn’t even want my after race beer.

Some race photos:

IMG_1159Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.47.46 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.48.53 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.48.24 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.48.08 PMIMG_1162IMG_1160

After waiting for all team mates to finish we went to a bar for a drink and some snacks.  We ran into Phil, Evan and Jo and hung out with them for a little while.  The rest of the day was all about recovery and napping and then eating.

What I learned today is that I need to get my act together if I even want to do well this year.

Sunday was all about relaxing.  We got up and found a nice little diner to have breakfast.  I love the old diners that are part of a pharmacy.  There are so few left these days.  We found one right around the corner from our hotel called Green’s Pharmacy.  It was perfect and just what I needed after race day.  After breakfast we just drove around exploring and then we headed home.   What struck us as funny during our stay in West Palm Beach was the Publix.  It was right across the street from our hotel.  The only reason we knew it was a Publix is that we saw a Publix truck pull in the loading dock.  There are no signs on the street, parking lot or even the building.  The first sign we saw was once you walked in the store.

I always knew that grocery stores catered to the demographics.  It was really obvious when we walked into this one.  Damn, I have never seen such a nice Publix.  Sort of pisses me off because the ones by where I live kind of suck.

After we got home we decided to hit Footworks to redeem our $40 for $80 coupons that we got a few weeks back.  It was crazy.  They were having their big shoe sale and it was the Twilight 5k and people were in picking up packages so it was packed.  We found some stuff and checked out.  Laurie, the owner asked me if I was racing and I said I was not but I would be out watching.  I actually had some friends racing so we went back later to watch them run.  The Twilight 5k run is a great community event.  It also runs in front of my Mom’s house so I have often gone to her house to watch.  We even ran with my Mom one year.  The best part of this race though is the kid’s races.  They have 1-2 year olds, 3-4 year olds, 5-6 year olds and 7-8 year olds.  It is hilarious and incredibly cute at the same time.  After the race we had a few beers with my friend Suefro and then we headed home.

I didn’t really learn anything today but I did have a great day.

Monday was all about finally finishing up some lighting drawings that needed to be submitted to DEP (Department of Environmental Protection).  Got them all done and send them off to make sure it was all good before printing.  About 30 minutes later I get an email.  I am sorry Espe I did not copy you on this email but here all the changes required.  That just sent me through the roof.  This project has been nothing but miscommunications.  Seriously I have no idea how this building is actually almost built.  I was so mad I just left.  They can wait.

Then the afternoon was all about getting through Steve’s list and looking for health insurance.  First on the list was getting to Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) to see what they could do for me.  I had gone on line to look for insurance and was bombarded with calls from computers and stupid people.  It was obvious to me that people wanted my business but they were not going about it in a nice way.  There was really only one person that actually got me a quote.  So I decided to go to the BCBS office since I currently have BCBS.

I met with Brian, who was a super nice guy.  He showed me 3 options.  He explained them all and then proceeded to tell me about the Obamacare changes coming up and how it will affect me.  It was really interesting and that information helped me decide which policy to take.  In a nut shell all current policies will be replaced with new ones so the policy I am getting is really a temporary one.  Brian did not know how much the new policies would cost.  It will all depend on how much money you make.  I asked about group plans and he thought that smaller companies would probably not be going with the group plans anymore since individual plans would work better.  Larger corporations would probably keep the current plans.  He told me that he thought insurance companies would be holding seminars to explain everything and that we will have a lot more to choose from.

What surprised me the most is that my group plan was twice as expensive as an individual plan.  The reason I decided to get an individual plan is that in order to keep my group plan I have to pay for it.  I thought everyone in my office was paying for theirs as well so I shared the information with my boss because I thought they might want to save some money.  That is when I found out that they were not paying for their own insurance.  I was a bit surprised by that and suggested that she have everyone look into this because it could save the company a lot of money.  I guess she did because some people asked me about it the next day when I went in.  I explained everything and it seemed some people did not want to change.  I do not think most people understand what is coming.  We need to be proactive about our health insurance.  We need to educate ourselves.  This is one thing we cannot be in denial about.

After the insurance we went looking for lights.  We have 3 lights that were super cool and looked nice when they worked.  I have been in the dark for about 1 year and it was one of the items on Steve’s list.  We have been back and forth with the light manufacturer and basically found out there is nothing they could do so we need new lights.


Cool lights that don’t work

When we left BCBS we saw a fan place so we pulled in.  Most places that sell fans sell lights but not this one but they did tell us about a few places.  We ended up at South Dade Lighting.  We found some lights that we liked but could not get anyone to help us.  We went to the front and stood there for a while when I said “I guess these people do not want out business” and what do you know someone finally came out.  I guess sometimes it is good to have a voice that travels.  So we finally were able to see the lights on and we loved them.  Of course they did not have them in stock so they said 2-3 weeks.  We went ahead and ordered them.  By the time we got home they called and said they had them in another warehouse so we could pick them up tomorrow.  AWESOME.

What I learned today is people sometimes really have no regards for other people’s time.  It has gotten worse since our economy has taken a dump.  They do not care that you barely have work and you have barely gotten paid since December.  They act like they are doing you a favor.  I just keep holding onto KARMA.  It is a bitch.

I also learned that I am a bit lazy when it comes to comparing prices.  I sort of ended up like this because when I first started going out with Steve he was like that.  He would buy stuff and never even look at the price tag.  I loved that so I guess it rubbed off.  Given my current work situation I have to stop that.  Saving about $350 a month on my insurance is going to make a huge difference to my cash flow.  Well actually that will go straight to my investment account.

Tuesday I decided I was not going to work.  I wanted to clean my house.  After my swim and weight training I got home and started with my bathroom.  I have small bathroom and only one drawer in the cabinet and it was overflowing with crap I do not use.  I was relentless and threw away everything I did not use.  It was great.  Then I hit Steve’s/guest bathroom and did the same.  It’s amazing how much crap we accumulate even if we do not have the space for it.  In the meantime Steve was putting up the new lights.  He asked me to help him.  I had to hold the light fixture over my head while he wired it in.  Oh man not a god job to do after swimming and working out the shoulders at the gym. BURN baby BURN.  Lights went up and look fantastic.


New lights love the shadows on the ceiling

I kept going from room to room cleaning and getting rid of stuff.  I was like a crazy woman.  It felt good to get it all done.

What I learned today is that having lights makes me happy.

Wednesday and Thursday was all about site visits (which I will not get into because I do not want my head to explode), reports and staying dry.  We did get lots of rain and Thursday we discovered another leak in our roof.  Its gonna be a long summer.


Steve checking out the leak.

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