Day 156. June 7, 2013-Dream Dinners

Today was about making it to Dream Dinners.  I always sign up and then have to reschedule but I was determined to not do that today.  If you have never been to Dream Dinners you must try it.  I started going when I first moved back to Miami about 6 years ago.  It’s a place where you go and package up meals for the month then take them home and freeze them until you are ready to cook them.  It is a great service because the meals are creative and since you do not have to go out and buy all of the ingredients you don’t waste any food.  The thought behind Dream Dinners was to get families back to the dinner table as a family.  With everyone’s lives so crazy families don’t tend to sit down and eat together much less interact as a a family.   The minimum order is 36 servings which works out to 2-3 meals a week depending on the size of the family.

You may wonder why someone like me who lives alone most of the year would go to a place like this.  For me it works out great because I can use 2-3 meals a week and then have plenty of left overs for lunch.  Then when Steve is home we use them as filler meals during the week.  The best part is that even he can cook them and they turn out great.

Here is how it works.


Show up and put on apron


Get your instruction cards and head over to the matching station. Follow the recipes at the station.


Put everything in a ziplock, insert instruction card and take over to freezer and place in your space.


Check out. Staff will put everything in your bags and then order for next month (I do every other month).


Put all bags in freezer


Place list somewhere handy. I hi-lite what I have for easy reference.

What I learned today is that if Steve comes with me I get done in about 30 minutes.  If I go alone it takes longer but I enjoy it so either way works for me.  I love going, the people a so nice and since I have an apron with my name on it I feel special.  Not everyone has an apron with their name on it.

If anyone wants to try it out the have set up a deal where you can try 3 dishes for like $50.00.  Pretty good deal.  Let me know and I can set up a party for my friends.

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