Day 157-158. June 8-9, 2013-Alien Endurance Team BBQ

The last 2 days was all about the team BBQ.  We have these a few times a year to chill out and have some fun after a race.  Normally we have people bring stuff but it is sort of a pain since you already have to carry so much gear and get up so early.  So since I was not racing I volunteered to just collect money from everyone and bring all the food and drinks.

So on Saturday after training I took off to to get all the supplies.  I was not able to get everything there which surprised me.  Since we were doing this BBQ at a park we needed beer in cans.  Bottle are not allowed.  I never buy cans but I figured Costco would have some but they didn’t.  On the way home I called Total Wines to see if they had a good selection of beer in cans and they said the did so after i dropped all the Costco stuff at home I headed to Total Wines.  Oh my did they have a selection.  Really you should never send a drinker into Total Wines.  I was in there way too long but managed to get a good selection of beers.  Then I headed to Publix for the rest of the food and condiments.  At this point I could have just called it a day and taken the food and dealt with it at the park but no my OCD set in and I had to get table cloths and serving bowls, this BBQ had to be fancy.  So my last stop was Party City.  I love that store, the have such fun things for parties.  I controlled myself and just got a few things.  Once I was home I started organizing everything in to bags so it would be easy to pack the car the next day.  I also put the beers and the wine and proseco (that some girls love to drink) in the cooler which we put in the car and iced down.  Last thing to do was cut up all the vegetables that I was going to roast.


Cleaned and ready to chop

So while I was cutting up the vegetables I thought oh I need and Alien apron.  Sure why not it’s late lets make one.  So I jumped on the computer and created the artwork, printed it to my t-shirt transfer paper and then ironed it on to one of my aprons.  I know who does that.  Well I do.  It seems that after a few glasses of wine I get creative and have been known to make stuff for different races.  So I know I am a bit of a crazy person to have the transfers ready but you just never know when you will need one.  It was around 9pm when I finished and finally sat down for some dinner.  I do not even remember what I ate.


Showing off my apron

Because this race is in Virginia Key and the park is basically closed down for the race I needed to get there early.  I also wanted to get a good spot close to where the BBQ was going to be so my plan was to get there at 5am.  I set my alarm for 3:45am (I like to snooze so I gave myself snoozing time).  I ended up just getting up, getting dressed and packing the car up.   Steve actually woke and helped me so I was way ahead of schedule.  I decided to go ahead and leave since I had to stop for more ice.  I had called the Walgreens the night before to make sure they were open and sold ice.  When I got there I ran in to a homeless guy.  He asked me for a quarter. I told him I didn’t have any change but I would most likely have some when I came out.   I came out with a cart full of ice and he was just standing outside the door and very nicely asked me if he could help.  Given that it was 4am and dark I said no thank you but here is some change.  He was very gracious and walked off.

When I got to the park the attendant just told me to go on so I got free parking.  I am a true believer in Karma and thought wow that was instant and it put a smile on my face.  I was literally the first person there so I got the closest parking spot.  Once I parked I sort of put my seat back and took a little nap.  It didn’t last long I had way to much nervous energy so I started icing things down.  As I was doing this Michael from our team showed up.  He asked if I needed help and said not really.  I told him to go set up since he would be able to get a good spot on the rack.  When he took off I though shit I should have had him take the big cooler out.  A few minutes later he was back so I had him help me.  That cooler was heavy and I had not put any more ice in it yet.  We just put next to the car and I packed it with ice.  At this point I tried to nap again but couldn’t so I figured I would head to transition to see my team mates.  I was waiting until it was a little light so I could get my run in.  As I was heading to transition I get a text from Andy.  We finally hooked up and he wanted to set up at the finish line.  I wanted to be closer to where my car was but said ok. We put the flags up.  I then started bring stuff rom the car.  It was a long walk and at some point decided I wasn’t getting the run in so I changed in to my Alien t-shirt and just kept going back and forth with bags and the smaller coolers.

I attempted to put the table cloths on but it was so windy it was impossible so I was a bit disappointed but there was not a thing I could do except walk around and watch the race.  Once a few people started finishing I started prepping everything and started up the grills.  As soon as one of the big guys finished Andy went to get the big cooler.  He came back saying that all beer had to go since that cooler was heavy.  I tried to tell him.  People started gathering after the race finished and the awards were given.  We had  several athletes on the podium so it was fun to watch.  The reaction I got when they noticed the apron was hilarious.  Katcat started calling me Chefspy.  It was awesome.


Karla my nemesis-she ran I cheffed.

We had dips and chips to start with, beef burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers (for the vegans and vegetarians of which only 1 showed up although 2 others said they were coming), baked beans, roasted vegetables and all the fixings.  We of course had beer, wine, sodas and water.  It was perfect and when the burgers were ready people were chomping down.  My favorite part is to watch people eat.

Andy had to leave early and asked me if I was good.  I said yeah as long as people help take everything back to my car.  He made an announcement and everyone agreed to help me.  We hung out for a couple of hours and as people left they would take something back to my car.  We down to a few of us and we started cleaning up and packing up the last few things and I was like how are we getting the cooler back.  Michael was like I’ll move the car closer.  A few minutes later the car was next to us and we put everything in it.  Then the park guy came by and said you better move your car or the cop will give you a ticket.  I was like ok and gave Michael the keys again.  I was not messing around with the cop. He was a bit rude earlier so the car was moved.

As soon as I got in my car I realized how tired I was.  Not sure how I got home.  After unpacking I just lied down on the couch.  I was too tired to even take a shower.  After about an hour I managed to get in the shower and then in to bed.  Best nap ever.  Got up around 5:30pm and Steve took me to dinner.  Thank god cause I was in no mood to cook.

What I learned this weekend is I miss doing these catering events.  I was catering for some independent films a while back and I really loved doing it.  I also learned that not all homeless people are greedy.  Looking back at my interaction with this guy I feel bad I did not give him more.  I also should have offered to buy him some food and something to drink.  I don’t why I didn’t I normally would have.

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