Day 159-161. June 10-12, 2013-Not much, roof quotes and sugar detox

Monday June 10  was about doing nothing.  All I did was go to the office and get a few things done.

What I learned is that as much as I like doing nothing I really do not like that I did not get anything done.

Tuesday June 11 was about getting a quote to fix our roof leaks.  It was a disappointing day because what we thought was a fairly new roof really was not.  In addition, the people who installed it did a horrible job.  It seems all the nails are rusting which is not good.  After some thought we decided to fix the 2 leaks and then coat the visible nails to get us through hurricane season.  The good news is that the roofer can start next week.  My other big task was finally finishing the pile that will go to goodwill.  I have been working on this for awhile.  I finally made it through the last closet and I have all the piles by the door.

What I learned today is that we really should be a little more proactive when we do house inspections and not be so trusting.  I think I would call 2 inspections next time I buy a house.  We knew this roof wouldn’t last forever but certainly longer than it will.  So off to start a roof fund.

Wednesday June 12 was about starting my weight loss program.  Ever since I finished my half ironman last September the weight has been creeping up.  I contribute this to being burnt out after the half ironman and the stress of reduced income and the uncertainty of one of my investments.  Now I realize that I am the one allowing these things get in the way of staying at an optimal weight and workout regime but sometimes in life you just let it take over.  So when I was in Houston my cousin and I made a pact and challenged ourselves to loose the weight.  Her life is up in the air at the moment as well so we are both in the same boat.  It was funny because the last night we were there it became obvious that we were in a competition and Steve made a comment about it.  We both sort of reacted by saying “whatever it takes”.  So since I got back I have been mentally preparing and today was the day.

I am starting with a 3 day sugar detox which pretty much means suffering.  I am limiting myself to raw greens and protein.  I am also taking some antioxidants.  This is suppose to help with the cravings for sugar which means it will be easier to limit the intake of starchy carbs, dairy, sweets and wine.  My downfall.  Today has been hard because I get bored eating just greens.  Then the chicken gets boring and it is just bad.  I like a variety of different foods on my plate.  But its only 3 days right.

What I learned today is that I love cheese, pasta, rice, potatoes and bread, in that order,  (well wine too but that is another story).  But really what I learned is that my body was addicted to to these foods.  It is like once you take your first bite you can not stop.  There was a time when I wasn’t eating any dairy at all and really I never even thought about it.  Today it is all I thought about.  No milk in coffee, no cheese with the salad and it just kept going.  My doctor told me a few years back to cut dairy out because adults get addicted to it.  I thought yeah right.  Well I think he was right.  Seriously I am struggling with the no cheese more than the no wine (those who know me stop laughing).  I am not missing the pasta, rice or potatoes as much but I know I will in a few days.

Today I also learned that I can not eat enough greens to keep me from being hungry.  I do not know how vegans do it.  I gag after a full plate.  So I was hungry today.  I just kept drinking water to see if I could trick my stomach.  I don’t think it worked.

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