Day 162. June 13, 2013-Finally delivered my tax information, sheds

Today was mainly about taking my tax stuff to my accountant.  Its funny I have had this stuff ready since April 15th but I just never got around to delivering it.  It really was kind good because this past week I received a statement from my bank that had tax information.  I remember thinking aren’t I supposed to get all this before tax day.  So when I was talking to my accountant I asked him about it.  He chuckled and told me that there are some funds, such as my HSA, that you can put money in until April 15th.  Ok but still doesn’t explain why it took until the middle of June to get it.  Well anyways my procrastination helped me on this one.

It was great getting this done.  I am hoping I do not owe anything but I am sure i’ll find out in a few days.  So cross your fingers that this comes out in my favor.

Steve wants a new shed because ours is falling apart and leaking so he has been researching and found a place called Shed Depot in Hialeah.  We decided to go since we were already out and about.  We liked what we saw so we went in the office to talk logistics.   We went on google to look at my house.   The guy was we will just crane it in.  I said ok how.  He kept pointing at areas in the yard.  I was like there is a tree there.  This went on for a few minutes.  Then he said “can’t you just take all those branches off”.  I was like NO.  He said if we were ready to comit he would come to the house and look at it to see if he could do it and if he couldn’t he would just charge us $75 for his time.  Dumbass, I already know he can’t.  I then asked about building on site.  Oh yeah no problem.  That will be an ext a $850 and 2 days to build.  Ok then I asked about permits.  Oh if you want a permit then that will be around $650.  I said well maybe we can do without a permit and he was like yeah I don’t care.  Its not my problem if we get caught.  I asked a few more questions and and left.  What an idiot.

So what I learned today is that procrastination can sometimes be beneficial.  So good one this time.  I also learned that sales people can be so stupid sometimes.

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