Day 163-170. June 14-21, 2013-The most unproductive week so far

So I was at Shula’s 347 watching the Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs game 7 of the championship last night when my sister Elena asked me what happened to my blog.  I responded by saying well I have not gotten one thing done this week.  So let me explain.

Sunday June 14th we had a BBQ.  It was a good turnout and we had a blast.  Then towards the end of the night my friend Suefro tells me about a show called Arrested Development.  I had never heard of it but she went on and on about it.  We usually like the same shows so on Monday we found it on Amazon and started watching.  Since I am a prime member of Amazon it is free so the marathon began.  This has got to be one of the dumbest shows I have ever seen but for some reason I can not stop watching.  There are like 20 episodes per season so as you can imagine times just slips by.  

I did take a break this week to watch a few other things like basketball but mostly have been in front of the TV watching Arrested Development.

What I learned this week is that I have too much time on my hands.  I have always been one to stay busy because I know I can get in trouble with too much time.  This past week just proved that.  I really try not to watch too much TV because once I start I don’t turn it off.  Having the TV on is one of the things Steve and I most argue about.  He has to have it on even if he is not in the same room.  It drives me nuts.  Its funny really.  One would think that because he is so quiet he would want it quiet but no I think he needs the noise of the TV.  On the opposite side is me who is loud but likes the quiet.  Go figure.

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