Day 178. June 29, 2013-Lights

Today is the day the lighting project was finished.  This was not an easy task and required an electrician so Steve convinced a friend of his to come help.  The existing light which hasn’t worked for years was not located at the center of the table and so for the new light the connection had to be moved which is why we needed help.


New light fixture out of the box

Steve and Ariel began the work and were moving pretty quickly until something broke which required a trip to Home Depot.  Surprise Surprise.  Seriously I do not think that you can avoid a trip to Home Depot or Ace Hardware when tackling a job around the house.


The boys working

So after several hours the lights were on.


Lights on–love the shadows

Now to get the old hole patched up.

What I learned today is no easy job is ever easy.

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