Day 179. June 30, 2013-Garmin unresolved

So today after my incredible time trial on my bike I sat down to work on getting my Garmin 910 to transfer data to my computer.  I have not been able to transfer the data for months and today was the day I was going to get it to work.  I spent hours on this and nothing.  I tried everything I could think of, I tried all the troubleshooting suggestions and still nothing.

I called Garmin and the wait was 30-35 minutes.  I gave up, went out and then decided to try calling again.  This time it was a 5 minute wait.  So what I found out is that some activities could have become corrupt and that would make it difficult to transfer data.  They told me to go through and erase any activities that looked odd.  I did that until the end I had to reset the watch which means I lost everything but it does now work.  So with that tomorrow I start my data collection again.  Not the complete result I wanted but oh well.

What I learned today is that you should not wait 6 months before calling Garmin.  I could have had this fixed ages ago.  I also realized there are people who claim they are experts in Garmin products but they don’t want to actually take the time to help you.  This lesson is even more important.  Those who talk the most usually know the least.  I must always remember that.

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