Day 183. July 4, 2013-Found some courses

Today I was going to get up, swim, then weight train then do bridge repeats and get all my workouts out of the way so I could pig out and watch some fireworks.  I instead woke up with a sore throat and completely achey.  Not a good way to start the 4th of July celebrations.

I am not one to take over the counter drugs because I think masking the symptoms keeps you from resting which is what you need to do when you are sick.  That is why you are sick.  Your body is telling you to rest.  But today I chose to take some liquid tylenol because I wanted to feel well enough to get out of bed.

Feeling  no pain I got up and hit the internet looking for fine arts degree as my friend Mary suggested.  I found out that University of Miami (UM) and Florida International University (FIU) both have programs.  I looked up the requirements and the costs.  As much as I love the idea of going to UM it is expensive and the program looks intense and more advanced.  I think I need some undergraduate courses first which the FIU program has.  So I looked through the courses and sent an email to the program director to see what I needed to do to get started.   When looking at the actual class description it listed the required books so I went ahead an ordered some of them.  I’ll have them on Tuesday.  I also found out that FIU is putting on a writer’s conference at the Biltmore Hotel.  I have sent a request for more information.  I think that would be a good conference to go to.

In addition, to the writing courses, I also found a  Social Media Management Education Program offered at UM.  I was all over that.  I mean I am a Facebook addict.  So I started reading all about it and I got a pop up window for an online chat so I said hi and Tiffany responded.  After a few back and forth messaging she called me to explain the program in more depth.  It was good to talk to someone to fully understand how this program could help me with all of the things that I am doing.  The next class starts July 25th which is right around the corner.  I like that because I have a good momentum going now and I don’t want to stop.

After all that searching I was hungry so Steve and I went to grab some lunch.  We had a great time discussing all my new found information and how I can use the knowledge I will be gaining by taking these courses.

What I learned today is wine works better than Tylenol to mask the pain of a sore throat.  I also learned that I could actually make money from my facebook addiction.  Enough said.

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