Day 184-196. July 5-17, 2013-Damn how did this get away from me

Well as you can see I have been missing in action.  From July 5th to July 11th I was sick so I slept a lot.  Obviously getting nothing done.  The fact that I was sleeping so much should have should have been a red flag telling me that I need to get to a doctor.  I do not normally sleep so much.  But each day I kept thinking tomorrow I will be ok.  Not what happened at all.  I finally went to the doctor and it was strep throat.  This forced me to defer my NYC Triathlon until next year (which was a really good thing).

So during the week I was sick I actually did get a few things done like I learned to pull a part, pack up and re build my bike.  That was huge since I would have been traveling by myself to the race.

From July 12th to the 17th I was in NY.  I decided to go ahead and go since it would cost so much to change the flight.  On the way there I actually started reading through my new writing book and I did some of the exercises and actually wrote my first assignment.  It was pretty cool.

I did a lot while I was in NY.  It was a great trip and I was able to hang out with some friends but most importantly I got to spend 2 full days with my cousins Loli (my twin cousin) and Raquelita, Loli’s sister.

What I learned these past 2 weeks is the following:

  1. If I find myself sleeping a lot I better get to the doctor sooner than later.
  2. I can actually be ok with my flights being delayed for 4 hours.  That is only because a post that I had read on Facebook about a conversation between God and a person who thought everything had gone wrong that day. In this conversation God told the person about why everything had gone wrong.  Basically it was because every incident that the person thought was bad really happened because God was saving them form something way worse.  I decided that I needed to remember that when things appeared to be going wrong.  Well I decided to just chill and wait for whatever God had planned for me.  As it turns out it was a chance to see some friends.  One was at the gate in NY waiting for the flight back to Miami and two were in NYC staying 2 doors down from me.  I would have missed all that had my flight been on time.
  3. I think I will enjoy going back to school even if it ends up being just taking a few classes.
  4. I love NYC.
  5. I love to walk (walked for 6 straight hours on Saturday and I had an absolute blast).
  6. Hampton Jitney is a very nice way to travel (Loli and I took this bus to Northfork to see Raquel).
  7. I love Northfork.  It is so peaceful.
  8. I  love NYC (their bike lanes are as wide as a car lane).
  9. All taxis (well most of them) in the city are now all hybrids.  Love that.
  10. I love NYC (they close certain streets down on the weekends for cyclist, roller bladders, runners and everything but cars).
  11. It is really hot in NYC in the summer (1st time I have gone in the summer).
  12. I love NYC.
  13. I love community gardens (I saw one in Northfork and it was beautiful).
  14. Did I mention that I love NYC.

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