Day 197. July 18, 2013-Registered

So today was about getting back to normal after being sick and going to NYC.  My big task today besides stocking my fridge with nice healthy food was registering for my Social Media Management course.  It is an online course offered by University of Miami.  Online registration is new to me.  Actually online course is also new to me.  When I was in college we didn’t even have home computers or internet.  I can’t wait to start this course.

So after the registration process I got an email with instructions for logging in.  I logged in and and printed the syllabus and the study guides.  That is as far as I got.  I suppose I need to read all this stuff to figure out how to get to the lectures and so forth.

What I learned today is that I really can not believe how excited I am about taking classes.  I really hated school when I was in school.  I always remembered thinking when I saw an older person in my classes that they were nuts.  How naive I was.  I suppose now that I am older  I can now appreciate how learning is such a luxury and they were not nuts.  Taking classes will also keep me focused.  Since January with reduced work and hours I have been unorganized and very forgetful. I need structure.  I am learning that more and more every day.

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