Day 216-217. August 5-6, 2103-The damn ironing

Friday night at happy hour the guys were talking about the chores they had to do as kids like clean the pool or mow the lawn and they all pretty much said the same thing.  When I grow up I will never do that again.  I am paying someone to do it.  So these guys are all vey successful and they all are happy to report that they are paying for those services.  That conversation reminded me that I too hate a few things and one is ironing and the other is cleaning bathrooms. I gave up my cleaning lady when my work load was reduced to not much in order to save some money.  I can tell you one thing.  As soon as I get back to full time employment I am getting a full time cleaning person.

So what pisses me off is that ironing and cleaning bathrooms is exactly what I was doing on day 216 and 217.  This brings me to a realization that I really need to make some changes in order to make more money.  I have been making them but I think I need to move a little faster.  This year has been tough.  The work has been slow and then I had to start paying my health insurance at work (which I’m happy to have but it is freaking expensive) and then today I found out because I am not working enough hours I am not eligible for partial unemployment.

Partial unemployment was created to help companies keep from laying people off.  It’s a program that the company needs to sign up for so that the employees who are on reduced hours are able to collect some unemployment.  It’s not much but it helps.  It is all based on how many employees and percentages of those on reduced hours and the amount of reduced hours.  Last year I participated but then I stopped since I was working at a store part time and with both jobs I was totaling more than 40 hours so I was not eligible.   Earlier in the year I stopped working there and decided to reapply for the partial unemployment.  Apparently it was a waste of time.  I am not eligible.

It is really upsetting because I have basically worked at this company for the last 18 years and my company has been paying for the unemployment insurance for me all of these years.  So now that they can not afford to have me work a certain amount of hours I can not benefit from this.   Now the only way to benefit is to not work at all.  Well I can’t do that so I suppose once more I loose.  I know there is a lesson in all of this.  Cannot wait to see what it is.

So I did get all my ironing finished and it is hanging all over my house.  Why I did not just freaking take the clothes to the closet is really mind boggling.  I suppose I was just trying to stick to the plan of finishing the ironing.  Well I suppose I could put everything away before I go to sleep.

So what did I learn the last two days?  Not sure.  I think I was more reminded of things than learning new things which is still good because sometimes we do loose the sight of past lessons.

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