Day 218-231. August 7-20, 2013 Getting Things Done

Geeze where has the time gone.  For someone who is not working much I sure am putting in the time.  These last few weeks have been insane.  First, Aida went on vacation so she asked me to help with some stuff at work.  One thing turned into another and then my jobs all went crazy at the same time.  So I worked a good amount.

I also was doing a lot of other things like:

  1. volunteering to be a team captain at the Lake Tahoe Ironman (new and very scary thing to do),
  2. volunteered to critique a book called Control Alt Delete (just got the book and I can’t wait to read it),
  3. spend a day at Math Monkey Camp (which I will blog about in a separate post),
  4. spend some time at Follow your Heart Boutique (which I will blog about in a separate post),
  5. go to tri-camp (3 days  of intense training)
  6. make 4 lasagnas for a mini family reunion,
  7. get supplies, including custom made journals,  for my upcoming visit to St. Jude Children’s hospital,
  8. Reading and working to set up David Allen’s Getting Things Done system (this does take some time when you start because you have to get everything you ever wanted to do or have to do on paper),
  9. Spent about 4 days on line looking for the best deal and seat assignments for my upcoming trip to Lake Tahoe and then to Augusta for my half ironman race
  10. working through my Social Media Marketing class (although not as much as I would like),
  11. signed up for an organic vegetable delivery club
  12. went to a cooking class at Miami Culinary Institute (what an amazing facility)
  13. and who know what else

So needless to say I ran out of time to write.

What I learned is if I do not make the writing a priority it will get left undone.  Shoot It happened again while writing this post.  I started and decided I would take a break and come back to it.  I never got back to it yesterday.  Instead I started back with my on line course so I was distracted.  Now this course is also a priority so it was a good distraction but a distraction none the less.

The things I am learning from Getting Things Done talks about the tasks that we need to accomplish and how we should tackle them.  One of the reasons we do not get things done is that well at least me is that I do not look at the time it will take.  I either attempt to get a particular tasks done as soon as I get it or I put it on a list somewhere that I usually forget about.  One of the things I am learning is that if you can deal with the task in less than 2 minutes you should just do it.  Two minutes is the line in which it is faster to tackle the task than putting it on a list.  I do put tasks that would take less than 2 minutes in the pile.  For instance sometimes I just put everything that comes in the mailbox in a pile.  After a few days that pile is huge.  When I finally sit down to go deal with it I realize it is 95% junk.  I should have just looked through the mail and thrown away the junk.  There are many examples of just that.  That is the clutter in my life which drives me crazy.  It is like I can never get rid of it.  So I am working on that.  Today I went straight to the recycle bin with the mail.  No junk on my table today.  Felt good.

Another thing I am learning is that when we tackle the tasks we need to know how long it will take so you can achieve them throughout the day as time opens up.  For instance I now have a list of tasks organized and one of the categories is phone calls.  These are calls that need to be made.  If I happen to get somewhere a few minutes early I can pull the list out and make the calls.  I would not want to tackle something that would take 20 minutes if I only had a few.

This is a process and I am working on it and so eventually I will have a nice system for getting things organized and written down so I do not have to think about it.  I will be able to trust my system enough to know that if I follow it the tasks will get done.

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