Day 232-233. August 21-22, 2013-Getting ready for my Trip to Memphis

I know you may be thinking why does it take 2 days to get ready for a trip.  Well I was headed to Memphis to a tour of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and I had a lot to do to get ready.  I had bought a bunch of supplies to take with me and as the stuff piled up it was getting sort of heavy and the journals were not even done yet.  So I was scrambling to see if maybe I would ship the stuff or take with me.


School Supplies


Nail polish galore


Polish in cute carry box


Coloring books

I also had the journals to contend with.  The first go around the turned out horrible and I had to back and figure out what to do.  The printers finally agreed to fix the problem and let me know when it was done.  Well they never called and every time I called the phone was busy so I ended up just showing up.  This time they came out great.


A total of 30 journals

I packed and unpacked a few times.  I was only going for one day but I ended up with 3 bags.  It was sort of funny really since I am a very light packer when I travel.  So I finally got it all figured out.

What I learned these last 2 days is that I should have set a limit to what I was taking.  That just going out and picking things up because everything was a dollar at the dollar store was not good planning.  Next time I will take gift cards which was on the list and would not take up much space.

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