Day 233-234. August 23-24, 2013-Trip to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

So the last 2 days were all about my tour of St. Jude Hospital.  It was the most amazing trip and I loved every second of it.  Even getting up at 5am today to head to the airport.

I got home and started writing for today’s blog and determined that I needed more than 1 evening to do this.  There was so much that I took in on the tour and trip that I need to take some time and figure out how best to describe the experience so that you may get something out of it.  Just know that this place is magical and I have come back inspired and that my head is spinning with ideas for fundraising.

I know a lot of my friends think that they would not be able to take this tour and are amazed that I could but let me tell you that you could.  Yes I teared up a lot but it was because the stories that were shared were inspirational.

What I learned on this trip is that I think I missed my calling when I was younger.  I suppose I was not paying attention because if I look back now I remember I used to collect money for things or I was always giving stuff away or volunteering for things.  I was once told a story that when I was a kid in Honduras I gave away some gold bracelets to the other kids because I had a bunch and they had none.  This kind of stuff is not taught.  It lives inside you.   Thank You St. Jude Hospital and my friend Maria Quesada for bringing me a place that calls me to help.

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