Day 236-242. August 26-September 1, 2013-All over the place

So this week I was all over the place.  Monday started with a site meeting at Moore Park.  The meeting was at 1:15 and it was really hot so I went in shorts.  I was also in Steve’s car which meant that I did not have my hardhat or work boots.  Of course I got in trouble for not having all my safety gear on.  But I did get a new hardhat from the guy who busted me.  Now I can just have one in each car and it will not be an issue.

Tuesday I woke up from my nap that I took after swimming and said I am not leaving this house until it is all clean and all laundry is done.  Well that pretty much took all day.  Then I headed to Trijungle for a meeting regarding our upcoming race in Augusta.

Wednesday was raining so I could not get to my morning site visit so I took a nap after my seriously hard bike session then headed up to Broward for a meeting to discuss the LEED points for one of my projects.  As usual the rest of the team is late.  So I made myself a cup of coffee and chilled out until the meeting started.  The meeting did not go well for some of the consultants but I came out ok.  Thank God for that.  If we do not meet LEED Silver we pay back 3% of the contract amount.  Not good if we have to do that.

Today I also asked my cousin Raquelita what I needed to get my resume done for my new career.  She offered to help me when I went to see her in NY.  She sent me some homework. So I started with that.  I also forwarded it to Steve since he will need to revamp his career as well.  The boat life is starting to take a toll on him and he needs to start thinking about his future.

Thursday was back at the pool and then weight training.  Another nap before spending like 7 hours making travel arrangements.  Steve gets one week off so he is going to meet me in Augusta and then we will head to Montreal for 4 days.  Can’t wait.  It was crazy getting us on the same flight to Montreal and then different flights on the way back as he goes back to Newport, RI.  But I got it all done.

Friday was all about hanging with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.  Then going home to watch Below Deck.  Every person that watches that show asks me about it so I thought let me see what it is about so I can respond.  The show is someone accurate in the sense of the politics and drama but in reality it isn’t as bad.  It is rare that a crew will come together and start a charter in one day.  Usually the key members will stay together for many years.  But it was fun to watch.

Saturday was a lazy day.  I started by reading and then I went to a computrainer workout then I ran into my cousins that were heading into Larios for dinner (I was headed to Winn Dixie which is across the street).  I ended up joining them for dinner and we stayed and listened the the band for a little while.  It was a nice surprise and lots of fun.

Today I spent the day reading and then progressing with my online course.  It has been a productive day.  

What I learned this week is that I am tired.  I do not think I have slept so much in my life.  It is not surprising as it has been a stressful year and we are starting the 4th quarter.  This past week  I just slept when I had to and I didn’t worry if stuff did not get done.  My body needed it.

I also had things happen that reiterates the message that everything happens for a reason.  This week I told some people that I was going to be in my new job by the end of the year.  A few jobs showed up in my email that are right up my alley.  So then my cousin’s homework came in and one of the things I need to do is “Describe an imaginary job that would be perfect for you”.  I was telling my cousins at dinner last night about this and how most of the kinds of jobs I am looking at are either in Washington or NYC.

It’s really funny because John, who lives in Washington asked me had I ever been to Washington.  I think he wanted to know if had I been there and not called him but I was there before he moved there so I was in the clear.  But that is how I came to tell him about what I was looking for.  Well lets just say that I think when I finish coming up with the description of my perfect job he will be the one who helps me get it.

So it seems everything is falling in to place but here is the best part.  I was telling a friend how I wanted to buy this house around the corner so my Mom could have a project and he was like well what are you going to do with the house.  I said rent it out or move in and rent my house.  His response let me know because I am ready to move and would love to rent it from you.  

So I am freaking out a little bit because I know the power of speaking what you want and have it happen.  My life is about to change for the better and I am excited but OMG OMG OMG it is happening so fast.

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