Dat 243-250. September 1-9, 2013-This is getting very hard to do

As I fill my days with more things to do I am finding it very difficult to keep my resolution of getting something major done each day and blog about it.  I still have 115 days to go.  It is time to regroup.  I need to cut some of my activities in order to do that.  Funny thing is that as soon as I decided to do that I ended up with more things on my plate than should be there.

I have so much to do and it seems I am just avoiding some of them.  Now I have 2 days to get everything done and I added an appointment for Wednesday afternoon that will pretty much kill my day since it is at 2pm and about an hour north of where I need to be.  I think I better reschedule that.

So what did I do the last 8 days.

Well I catered a dinner party for my sister and her friends who were celebrating one of the girl’s new job.  That pretty much took up my whole day because of course I went crazy and made some really good stuff but it was all time consuming but delicious.  Totally worth it.  The girls were trying to convince me to do it for a living.  They were all willing to find me clients.


Prosciutto and gouda flatbreads topped with red onion and honey


Skinny chicken salad bites


Tea smoked chicken, black rice and vegetable medley


Peaches in green tea topped with organic vanilla bean ice cream


The group

I rode on the computrainer for 3 hours.  That is an accomplishment in itself as it can get boring but very much needed since it is the only way to simulate hills in Miami.  We actually rode the Augusta half ironman course.  Then I went to a birthday party.

I did some more classwork but not nearly as much as I should have.

I slept way too much.  I got into the worst routine which started by taking a nap after my morning workouts.  Then I would start my day around 12 then stay up until 1 or 2am.  Very bad situation.  No wonder I did not get anything done.

Had a free Funday Sunday with my friend Sue.  That’s what we do during football season.  As usual we had fun.

Gave my dog a bath.

Gave Steve’s car a bath.

Had a breakthrough with my swimming.  I am not a bad swimmer but my coach had us counting strokes and breathing on each stroke and for the first time I actually felt myself propel through the water.  Sort of freaked me out because it felt fast.  But it was fun.

What I learned the past few days is that I really need a full time job.  I have too much time on my hands and it gets me in trouble.  I now know that I do need some structure and accountability to keep focused.

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