Day 251-252. September 10-11, 2013-Hunting down plants

The last 2 days were about locating all the plant material for a friends house.  This task should have taken about a week but I didn’t have a week.  So off to homestead I went and went from nursery to nursery until I finally found that I could get all the material from 2 places.  It was important to get the plants in as little stops as possible since we needed to hire a truck and driver to take this to Okeechobee.  These trucks charge for every stop so it can get costly.

What I learned today is that I miss running around in the nurseries.  Back when I used to work for Vila and Son Landscape I used to do that as part of my job.  It was great to get out of the office and enjoy the beautiful days in the outdoors.  It was by far my favorite part of the job.  It was also fun negotiating with the people to get the best price.  If I remember correctly I was pretty good at it.

After so many years I had forgotten how much time it takes to source plant material.   Plus I used to know who had what and now I don’t.  But the I am happy that I was able to tackle this task in just 2 days.  Well actually it was longer because I was researching and calling and figuring out where the nurseries were and creating a driving strategy.   All very important when you drive down south.

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