Day 252-254. September 12-15, 2013-planting at the ranch

The last 3 days I was up in Okechobee at a friends house helping plant roughly 1300 plants. The plants I had been sourcing for the last few days.

When I got there it was pouring rain and none of the beds were ready for planting.  It did not look good so we sent the laborers home and waited for the rain to stop.  Loosing an entire day was not in our plans.

Once it stopped Argo took me for a spin to explore the ranch. There was so much water we didn’t get far.


On our way back we saw some horses so that was fun.

That night Argo was freaking because we had to get it done before Sunday and with the rain and the very slow laborers it didn’t look good. I told him to think positive and that the rain would stop.  We then went to dinner and had some laughs.

Sure enough we woke up and there was no rain.  We started by laying out planting beds so they could be prepared. At about that time my friend who owns the ranch asked me if I wanted to take a quick spin around the place.  I was ok I didn’t get to see much yesterday.  Well it wasn’t a short spin and Argo was not happy.  But I got to see some beautiful landscapes so I didn’t worry too much.


We went back to work until about 4:30 when the laborers went home.  We did not think the effort was all that great and were more worried about getting it done.


As we were walking around mo who was running around discovered some horses. It was priceless. He had never seen a horse (unfortunately my video could not upload but he was running around like a crazy happy dog).  Mo enjoyed his time at the ranch.

That night my cousin who lives down the street came over for dinner.   We cooked all sorts of fish, rice, black beans and ate with a salad.  The food was incredible and the company was was even better.  We had such a great time.

We decided we needed more laborers so on Saturday the guys went and got 4 more and we started working again.

I started laying out beds so the guys could plant.  So many plants I was like I need to leave by 2 and so much still to do. It was crazy but somehow we got a lot done.


I don’t know how much got done after I left but the project was a success.  It is amazing how some planting can change the look of a house.

What I learned this weekend was that heading out to a ranch can be so relaxing.  I don’t think I could live there full time but it sure makes a great place to visit.  I also learned that I need to spend more time with my cousin.  I don’t make enough effort to see her.  As we get older we seem to less spend time together when we should be spending more time together.



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