Day 255-2566. September 15-16, 2013 Getting to Reno

Today was all about packing for my trip to Reno to visit my sister and to volunteer at the Lake Tahoe Ironman.  So I woke up and ran a 5k at the zoo.  It was super fun but I should have stayed home to pack.  I finally got home around noon and had so much to do.  I packed my bike and race gear and delivered it to Victoria’s house.  She is driving up a cargo van full of bikes for our race in Augusta (I am flying there from Reno).  I then proceed to pack for my trip to Reno.  I managed to finish by 8pm and I was exhausted.  So what did I do?  I stayed up until midnight.  Big mistake.

4:30 am on Monday morning came way to early.  I had to be at my Mom’s at 5:30 to be at the airport by 6am.  The day started with rain and by the time I got to the airport my shoes were soaked and I was miserable but not much I could do.

My brother Robert drove us to the airport and the entire way there my Mom could not understand a word I was saying.  She refused to put her hearing aids in.  I finally told her as we were checking our bags that I would not talk to her fro the next 14 hours if she didn’t put them in.  Thank god she remembered she had put them in her check in luggage before it got on the conveyor belt.

After we passed security we went to the Admiral’s club as we were flying first class.  Apparently they don’t let you in unless it is international flight or if you are going to LA.  It was so early in the morning I didn’t even try to argue.  We just went to the gate.  I was already pissed off that American Airlines changed our flights which added 6 hours to our trip and they never informed us.  I only found out when I checked in.

We finally boarded and the crew was so rude but we managed to get through the flight.  We were now in Houston.  The first thing I wanted to do is buy some flip flops.  I had to get out of the wet shoes.  We walked around for a while and realized there was nothing in the AA terminal.  My Mom wanted to go to the bathroom and when we walked in the girl in front was telling her that the the open toilet was clogged.  She couldn’t hear and after a few tries I just yelled “MOM put your freaking hearing aids in”.  The entire place just started laughing.  

We were bored and knew we had 3 hours to wait so we called my cousin to see if she would pick us up.  She couldn’t but did tell us about the train that links you to the other terminals so off we went.  I found some sandals and I was so much happier with dry shoes.  We walked around for 2 hours then we headed back to the gate.

We boarded and were surprised by a very nice crew.  They immediately got us some wine and already this flight was going better.  This flight got us to Los Angeles.  This has got to be the worst airport in the US.  Again we had 3 hours to wait.  By this time my Mom was spent and she just couldn’t comprehend the layover.  We argued about the time and time zones and Miriam’s phone number so we called her.  All I heard was my Mom tell Miriam is that we were arguing.  I laughed so hard and was ready to keep going.

After about an hour I said i am going for a beer.  The only place to get a beer was the snack bar and you were not allowed to take it out.  I just put the beer in my water bottle and went back to the gate.  I told my Mom and she just thought it was ridiculous.  I made come with me to get another one.  As we were sitting there every person pretty much complained about the same thing.  It was funny.

So we finally boarded again and after 14 hours we made it to Reno.  It was so good to see Miriam and Skip. 

What I learned today is that you should check your flights a few days ahead of your trip.  I may have saved us a lot of hours.  I also learned that my crazy need to carry an insulated water bottle is helpful when needing to sneak a beer out.  But the best part is that traveling on a messed up trip with my Mom is the way togo.  

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