Day 257. September 17, 2013-packet stuffing at Ironman Lake Tahoe

Today was all about starting my volunteer efforts fir the inaugural Ironman Lake Tahoe. I signed up for a bunch of sessions and the first was stuffing the athlete bags.


It was quite the task but we had a great group of volunteers and we knocked it out just before lunch.

As a volunteer you get lunch so we took a break to eat before doing the registration packets. Lunch was great. Chicken fajitas and they were nice light and healthy.

We then started the registration packets. These have the bib numbers, stickers for helmets and bike and gear bags, wrist bracelets and a bike check out ticket. Each if us got a crate with all required stuff so that we could put everything in an envelope.

I was really impressed by the organization of all of this. We each had to do 100 packets which really only took about 30 minutes because it was so organized. The envelopes have the names and number. The bibs also have the names. Bracelets and tickets had the numbers. A printing success as far as I can see.

The funniest part was when this wind storm came in. Stuff went flying and we all had to stop to secure our stuff. You certainly did not want anything to get out of order. That would have been a disaster.

What I learned today is that there are people that will work their butts of for a common good and have fun doing it. I have volunteered at other events and people do not even show up so today was a big surprise. I am so thrilled to have decided to volunteer this week. Can’t wait for my next session.

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