Day 258. September 18, 2013-Site seeing and captains meeting

Today I needed to get a temporary bank card since my number was taken over the weekend and my card was cancelled. Skip took me to the bank and it took no time which was great so he offered to drive us around.

My mom wanted to see wild horses so we started looking. Bee finally saw some and I will have to say it was worth looking for them. Plus my mom was so happy.

Skip then took us to Virginia City. This is an old mining town that hasn’t changed. The sidewalks are made if wood. It was so cool.


One e there we went boot shopping. I got some nice ones and am super thrilled. We walked around and walked into the casino. My mom won $6.25 on the slots. She was very happy. After awhile I was like ok I need to get back so we went home.

I packed up my stuff and took off to Tahoe City to check in to my hotel room. I gave my name Esperanza Kelly and the girl was oh that’s funny We have an Esperanza Jelly checking in. OMG no wonder they could not find my reservation last week when I was confirming. That’s worse than the Australians calling me SB when I first met Steve. But it was fine because they had given me a 20% discount since they had messed up my reservation.

I then headed to my captains meeting which was very short and I was able to pick up my credentials. I look so official.


Then dinner with Andy and Phil.

What I learned today is that there is some history that has been preserved. I am so used to Miami where everything is just torn down. I loved Virginia City. I also learned that Skip is a really great tour guide.

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