Day 259-278. September 19-October 8, 2013-So much time so much fun

It is obvious that I have been out of touch for a while.  The last 20 days have flown by.  Crazy how time flies when you are having fun.  So here is the run down of what I have been up to:

More volunteering at Lake Tahoe Ironman

  • Sign making tent which was funny because it was so windy that everything kept flying away.  It was fun watching the kids make signs for their parents.  I even got to meet some of my volunteers for T2 (transition between bike and run) gear bags.
  • Banquet which was supposed to be helping athletes settle in and some clean up duties but turned out to be handing out the tickets to those who purchased on line.  A lot of people came in wanting to buy tickets but it was all sold out.  There were some upset people but the ones who waited around ended up getting in because other people in line found out that it was sold out and came up with extra tickets and sold them to the people waiting.  The banquet was well a banquet and the food was not bad considering it was in a tent.  The best part was listening to one of the original Ironman participants.  There was 12 of them and this guy came in 11 out of the 12.  He was funny.  Talked about how he bought a bike the day before the race.  Crazy to think that he did not train for the bike ride at all.
  • Bike check in which consisted of me grabbing the bikes and getting them ready for the photographer to take a picture.  I had to make sure the pedal was all the way down which meant about 600 squats.  This was all fun until the storm came in and it started raining.  On the way back to my sister’s it was snowing.
  • Then the big day.  I was captain of gear bags for T2.  My mom and sister also came to volunteer.  Overall it was a fun thing to do.  I got to see my team mates as they finished the bike (which was grueling).  They were both happy to see me and Andy(my coach and my Mom’s personal trainer) was so happy to see my Mom.  She was so excited to had him his bag.  The one thing that I was not expecting was seeing athletes break down because they missed the bike cut off time.  There were about 15 athletes that missed it by less than 5 minutes.  They were all sobbing uncontrollably.  I saw this one girl all alone and I asked her if she needed a hug and she said yes.  I stayed with her for awhile.  She was so disappointed in herself.  She said she missed it by 2 minutes.  I cried for her.  I told her not to be disappointed in herself but only at the result.  That bike ride was brutal and it was really cold.  In the end I managed to make her laugh but It was heart wrenching to watch.  The worst part is that they all looked like the run would have been fine.
  • After T2 I headed to the finish line to give out medals.  The finish line was a great place to be.  Watching the athletes coming in was inspiring.  I stayed there until my team mates came in.  It was great.

Photos from volunteering


More site seeing

The next few days was spent site seeing with my mom and sister.  We did a little shopping as well.  It was a lot of fun.


I then headed to Augusta for my half ironman.  It was cold in the morning which I was not expecting and because I was cold I was really tight and that did not help my pinch nerve.  When I got out of the water my entire right side was locked up.  I wasn’t sure if I would continue.  Given that I am stubborn as mule I decided to get on the bike and see what would happen.  The bike was fun.  I just took in the scenery and enjoyed the hills and all the go Miami and Go alien and go Espe comments as people passed me by.  Once I finished the bike I knew I was good to go.  It was great to see Steve at mile 10.5.  He had a beer and I just grabbed it and chugged what was left.  I then took Ralph’s beer as well then I was off.  Apparently Ralph was shocked that I would drink the beer.  I mean really it was my slowest time ever in a race so what the hell.  At this point it was all about having fun and fun I had.  After the race it was back to the hotel for a shower, packing up the bike and food and drinks with the group.  A good night.

Steve and I flew back home and we had one day to wash clothes before heading to Montreal.  I had a couple of meetings on Tuesday.  The second meeting was at my high maintenance client construction site.  I could not have asked for a better reaction to me finishing a half ironman.  As soon as I walked in he says “how could a girl that drinks so much wine finish and ironman”.  I laughed and said this is how and showed him this picture.  He could not stop shaking his head.  It was classic.


The next day we took off to Montreal.  Wow what a great city.  We were only there for 4 days but did a lot of site seeing by foot and by bike.  What a great bike friendly city.  I always love being in a city.  I always come home inspired by it.  Here are a few photos.


What I learned these past few weeks is that I need to be in a different location.  I love the outdoor activities that I experienced in Reno/Tahoe and Montreal.   I love the change of seasons.  I love the different landscapes.  I have always needed to have access to the outdoors.  I once gave up a great apartment because it had no balcony.  I know Miami has a lot of great outdoor spaces but really we only get a few months of good weather to enjoy them.   As I write this its raining as usual.

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