Day 270-Day 289. October 9-19, 2-13-Wow is all I can say

Well the last 11 days was about regrouping until I got a call for a last minute business trip to the Bahamas. How could I pass that up? I couldn’t so I went. It was amazing. And then while I was there I was appointed to the Environmental Review and Historical Board for the City of South Miami. I could not have asked for a better week . I was there to evaluate the landscaping and maintenance and to teach the landscape crew on a project. It was a new sort of experience and I enjoyed it. I can’t wait to get back.

One of the landscape crew members is taking a course and he had an assignment and asked if I could help. He had to do an interview with someone that was a Landscape Architect. Sure why not. He gave me the questions and as I was answering them I sort of built a concept for a business. A business that I could actually love. Sorry you will have to wait for that.

I was so excited when I got back to Miami and could not wait to keep fantasying about this opportunity. Unfortunately reality hit me like a freaking brick wall. Not any brick wall this one was held up by a concrete structure. And it hurt. Worse than my vespa accident.

What I learned is that I have been stuck and I sort of knew it but just pushed it aside. I also learned that really I have made enough friends along the way that at some point they will show up at the right moment to get you un-stuck. It will be at the exact moment when you are ready. Pretty amazing really.

That was the nice lesson. I also learned a hard lesson and that is I am way too nice. This year has been the year of some people (well it was a lot really) just taking advantage of that. I always want to abuse back but I can’t. It is not with in me. The worst part is that for the very first time a dear friend asked me for a favor and since I am on edge I had to decline. I have never done that before and it is killing me. This person completely understands and supports my decision but never the less it hurts. Even with all the bad I am very fortunate to have friends that support me so it is still all good in a sense.

The next 48 hours will be tough. I have to do some soul searching and figure out what I want to do. Do I take the high road or do I fight? I will have to say the for the first time since I have been married I wish Steve was not an engineer on a boat and he was here to help me figure this out.

So for now I will dream about my new opportunity. The answer will come at the exact moment that it needs to I am certain.

One thought on “Day 270-Day 289. October 9-19, 2-13-Wow is all I can say

  1. Remember when we where at crossroads in our life before, and it was a horrible time.. We had to lay off good people.. And soo forth and we knew we where right.. And we had to decide to fight or take the high road..and a wise soul.. Mentor to both of us said.. TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.., and both you and i are fighters so it doesnt come easy..but we did. And it all,worked fine.. Always take the high road.. The world is too time things get sorted out..

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