Day 293-294. October 24-25, 2013-Do I write?

The last 2 days I was attending a writes workshop.  A few months ago I was looking for a fine arts course in writing and came across this conference.  I figured that would be a good way to see what I would be getting myself into.  I also thought I might get to meet some of the professors.

Well first I was surprised at the caliber of speakers that were at the conference.  I am not really sure what I was expecting but it was a great experience.  I kind of wish I had known more and I could have been a little more prepared.

What I learned is that I know nothing about writing I can learn if I want to.   I was surrounded by amazing writers so I felt really dumb but at the same time I felt empowered because I can learn and at some point get to where they are if I actually work at it.  It was awesome to do what I just did.

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