Day 301-311. November 1-11, 2013-Oh Crap time is running out

So I am walking around in circles today not knowing where to start.  I have a million things to do and don’t know where to start.  I decided to blog since I haven’t in well 11 days.  Blogging is not what I should be doing because it doesn’t earn me any money but blogging is what keeps me real and forces me to get into action.

Good thing I chose blogging.  It has made realize that time is running out.  The whole 365 days seemed so long back in January but not today.  I have 54 days to get it done.  I have items that are on the list that need to be scratched off.  For some reason I have already started working on things for next year.  Why I have no idea.  I also have a bunch of started projects that I haven’t finished.  These all happened in the last 11 days.  I am out of control.  In the last 11 days all I got accomplished was finish a half marathon.  Everything else is half done.

My task today will be to plan out the last 54 days.  December 31 is gonna be a big day and certain things just need to get finished.  Especially since January 1 starts Ironman training.  I need to be completely organized in order to do everything I need to next year to earn money and finish an Ironman.  See i am doing it again.  Looking at next year.  

I need to get back to one day at a time and getting something major accomplished.  Off I go to plan the last 54 days.

What I learned today is that I probably should start each day blogging.  Today’s post put things into perspective and gave me a plan of action.  So easy.

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