Day 313. November 13, 2013-Gala and financial planning

So yesterday was about meeting with the great people at ALSCA/St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and with my financial planner.

First I met with Maria and Carolina from ASLAC to discuss a gala that we want to have to help raise money for our corporate challenge for the South Beach Triathlon.  It is an event that the corporate challenge teams want to do collectively.  This is great because we are all in competition but we are coming together in order to bring our resources together to raise the most money possible.  St. Jude’s Hospital holds a special place in all of our hearts so working together makes sense.  It was a great meeting and now the fun begins.

I then went to meet Javier, my financial planner, to discuss whats been going on this year and what we need to do to prepare for next year.  We have these meetings 4 times a year.  Yesterday was a tough one since we had to comes to gripes with the money lost this year due to a few bad investments. 

We looked to the future and really came up with a good plan to take advantage of the loss. We left the meeting with a big load lifted off of our shoulders.

I am true believer that everything happens for a reason and there are no such things as coincidences.  I believe things show up in your life when you open up the space for them.  Even though I believe this I still get amazed every time it happens.  Like this morning when I was woken up by a text message that came in regarding an unbelievable possibility for the future (can not really divulge the information but if it happens its cool).  Then I went on Facebook and the first thing I saw was this:



So that is the thing I am talking about when I say things show up in your life when you open up the space for them.  Then I decided to check my horoscope by Shelley von Strunckel, she is freakily accurate.  So this is what my November horoscope said.



So I did get some sudden news about one of my investments earlier this month and as bad as it was it really was not surprising.  The last few weeks has been about weather or not to file a law suit.  This has been weighing me down since my first instinct was no but some, not all, very close friends said that I should.  In the end and as the result of yesterday’s meeting we decided it was not worth it.   If these people can walk away from their financial responsibility without any regard to the people who helped them when they needed it then we have no chance.

What I learned today is that starting your day talking about raising money for a great organization is a good way to start the day when planning your own financial future.  It really does put everything into perspective.

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